6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 1-1 SOUTHAMPTON (4-3 PENALTIES)

from CHELSEA 1-1 SOUTHAMPTON (4-3 PENALTIES). Chelsea 1-1 Southampton (4-3 Penalties) see’s progress into the Carabao Cup Quarter Finals. Kepa Arrizabalaga and Reece James were the decisive Chelsea players in their third penalty shoot-out victory of the season. Kai Havertz scored Chelsea’s goal in normal time with a header from a Hakim Ziyech corner in the first half. Chelsea will want to add the Carabao Cup to Thomas Tuchel’s Champions League triumph as Tuchel chases his third major trophy as Chelsea FC manager. Let me know the 6 Things you learnt from Chelsea 1-1 Southampton (4-3 penalties) in the comments below!

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Tiêu đề video: 6 Things We Learnt from CHELSEA 1-1 SOUTHAMPTON (4-3 PENALTIES)

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  1. I’ve moved to Newcastle I really want to go to the game against Newcastle how can I get a ticket it will be my first game💙

  2. Mason chilling in the back of the room haha 😂
    Come on Chelsea

  3. Ogunyemi Gbenga Ayomide

    It's obvious you don't like Ziyech. How can you give Saul a green cause of a good headed that didn't go and in and Ziyech gets a yellow even though he produced an assist after coming in as sub!!!
    Biased I say!!

  4. Good to see Saul getting into the game. He was unluckily not to score. Hope he'll keep improving. Hakim seriously needs to find his confidence.

  5. The goal wasn't Kepa"s fault, it was Malang Sarr's fault Benson

  6. Has Ziyech ever played a really good game for Chelsea ? He´s played almost 50 games by now and if it has´nt happened so far it won´t ever. In trouble with his national team as well.

  7. Chisom Joshua Onu

    The mistake is not 100% Kepa’s. We are talking of a fierce shot from close range. Sarr gave the ball away and should share part of the blame

  8. when are you going to the chelsea games again

  9. Let's Support Ziyech the same way as we support Kepa…. flaud his Dm with love💙💙💙

  10. Now all the teams are starting to realize that they may actually have some hand over Chelsea in the dying minutes of every game, counting that most of their decisive chances come towards the end of the game

  11. Saul looked like a different player last night compared to what we've seen previously. Great to see!

  12. Ziyech did ok to be honest, not gonna say good but he was not bad. You missed the point where he set Kai for good ball and Kai lost it so badly. I think few moments he was ok. He is not playing well on the left actually!

  13. Dolapo Ogunsanlu

    I'll disagree with you on one point. Kepa wasn't directly responsible for the goal conceded. If we need to blame anyone it would be Malang Sare. He gave the ball away

  14. NeilZdownunder 72

    I kinda feel sorry for Kepa. He only seems to play when we have a weakened back line anyway 🤷‍♂️

  15. c h o decision making is poor slow and needs to improve

  16. Zyiech feels like he doesn’t give a shit about the club. He doesn’t run, no tackles, no sweat. Just jogs around the pitch and gives the ball away. Brilliant player at Ajax but I don’t think he fits the Prem. A loan move would be good for him to relaunch his career so we can get some money back of him.

  17. It wasn't really a Kepa mistake tbh. More of Sarr and Saul's mistake. The ball hit his legs and went through them.

  18. Anyone notice kepas fantastic distributing with his feet. Both feet as well, he would switch from left to right and most his passes were perfect 👍🏻

  19. its annoying with Ziyech because he has so much potential and had a great pre season but I think his attitude is his main downfall. saul looked slightly better which was nice to see.

  20. Dude! That long lobbed pass from Saul to Alonso led to a corner then goal, that was pretty sick!
    Keep going Saul!

  21. Michael D. Titoe

    Callum should learn to understand that when he is on the pitch the important thing is tnoscorr goals and win. He should stop the long dribbling and also lift up his head to see who is available for his pass. Good luck!

  22. Huge chelsea and GBFC fan! Until this game, I've really seen us winning the treble or even more this year, playing better than we did in 2012. Honestly, I'm a bit worried after watching that game. We looked really poor. Even if we've made a bunch of changes, to win 3-5 trophies, you need two first teams worth of players, but even our first team players were off the mark. Kai was not good and couldn't hold the ball up. Ziyech was weak and inneffective. I love Calum, and is super talented, but he just seems to always make the wrong decision. Shoots when he should pass, passes when he should dribble, etc. Kepa was fine, but Southhampton's goal was due to his massive mistake; with Mendi, we would have iced that 1-0. Mount is my favorite, but he's having too much fun! He needs to dig in like he did last season, stop messing about, and show why he's a balon do'r nominee; foden is kicking his ass right now, and can he make a freaking penalty! Kovacic was off, Saul was better, but still shit compared to what we all know/hope he's capable of. Reece seems also to be suffering from Mount's casualness as well. Chilwell and Marcos were strong, and am definitely excited for Chalobah who is just a great defender with a great playing personality. Hopefully this is just a blip.

  23. I don't think Hakim gives 100%. No effort. Missed passes.

  24. Mason pens need to improve (saying this as one of his biggest supporters).
    Sarr definitely ain't a good enough defender to be making appearances for a club as massive as Chelsea, should be sent on loan and eventually sold. Was largely at fault for their equaliser as well, it wasn't just Kepa.
    Finally we need to stop being so sloppy against weaker oppositions, can be really frustrating, Kova & Sarr were heavily guilty of giving the ball away too many times and in dangerous areas.
    Other than that, agree with the rest of what you said, Saul in particular was really impressive in the second half, could've scored, COME ON BLUES!

  25. If you watched the game you would know kepa had a brilliant game and the goal wasn’t a mistake he was one on one that’s always gunna end with the attacker winning and he was nutmeged you can’t do much bout that it fucking happens George

  26. Ziyech isn't interested in playing football. He should have gotten a red. He doesn't even try!

  27. Barkley and Alonso combined well on the left side of the attack in my opinion.

  28. Why everyone insist on blaming Kepa for the goal. I aint his biggest fan but if Sarr had just cleared the ball instead of getting caught in possession there would be no goal

  29. Hudson Odoi playing in a RWB position is great experience for him, it teaches him hard work, and if he can create from a RWB position, he’s gonna be able to create easily as a LW, Hudson Odoi lacks a lot of things that young players like Greenwood, Foden, Mount has, that all-round quality, high IQ creativity, Hudson Odoi playing as a RWB is gonna help him see the game from different situations, which in the end will make him a smarter player, so I just feel we have to believe Tuchel has a plan, and knows what he’s doing…playing Hudson Odoi as a RWB from time to time.

  30. Only Frank Lampard knew how to use Ziyech and back then he was better than Havertz and Werner. Unlucky for him but Tuchel expects more intensity and the way to get into spaces is totally different. If Ajax plays Chelsea today I would believe Ajax would win. Dutch players today do not really perform in intense leagues but when they are together they play the most beautiful football in the world. Hope Ziyech understands this and moves on. He might do great at Arsenal or City but that’s the only PL club I would say he might shine.

  31. The goal wasn't kepa fault George… how was e supposed to stop that shot from 4 yards out with so much pace

  32. Regarding Ziyech. He chose the wrong club thats it. And he really struggles in Tuchels system that’s it. That doesn’t say he is rubbish. He is not really getting in the position where he can be dangerous enough to create assists and score. And I believe if he leaves Chelsea and goes to a more intelligent team such as City, Arsenal, Barcelona he might be totally different baller. Everybody is hating this guy somehow but he has the best technique in the squad but lately he is feeling the tension and it’s difficult to show his potential if the intensity is so heavy. I would learn from this experience and go to a different club that also plays CL but with a different strategy

  33. Ziyech ruled himself out 24hrs before a game for a headache ! It's clear the clown has no commitment and doesn't care about chelsea , let's get rid asap ! He's an overrated brat !

  34. Not a brilliant performance from up we got the job done need to up the performances if we want to get through the next round 💙

  35. Ziyech pains me, theres been moments where I truly believed he was our most talented player on the ball, one of the most creative left foots when he's playing well, would love for him to turn it around

  36. Mate you need to be real, should not be a green for CHO. He constantly got targeted in defense and struggled. Moved up front and wasnt giving decent balls to anyone. It was decent but i would give Marco Alonso the green

  37. Damola Adegbehingbe

    The goal we conceded was a mistake from Kepa. It was from a botched clearance that Malang Sarr made and left him out of position. Kepa did his best on that.

  38. I love Chelobah, 120% every game, reminds me of our Cap.

  39. saul needs to do yhings defensively

  40. Your Kepa agenda is honest so so fucking bad. So glad I unsubbed last season

  41. How is that a mistake that Kepa makes?! As a keeper yourself if someone shoots in that unfortunate area what are you suppose to do? I focus on the other because they let a player have a clear path to shoot and had a player free inside the 6 yard box. That’s not on Kepa.

  42. Ur not a keeper bro. If the ball goes through ur legs that’s not a mistake

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