Amid COVID-19 Surge, Pfizer Vaccine Nears Full FDA Approval

In the past month alone, COVID-19 infections have increased sixfold in the U.S. But news that the FDA could be moving faster on final approval for one vaccine has some feeling cautiously optimistic. NBC’s Morgan Chesky reports for TODAY from hard-hit New Orleans.

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Tiêu đề video: Amid COVID-19 Surge, Nears Full FDA Approval

Độ dài: 00:02:44, Ngày đăng: 2021-08-05 21:30:08

Tác giả: TODAY

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  1. Christopher Robinson

    Politicians sign approval of war and killing others in other countries and they care your choice is killing people?! Our political party has failed us and have no other intentions but too!

  2. FDA recently approved Fukushima products into the US. Japanese are dying to export Fukushima products by suing other countries because their people won't eat them. There have been Japanese comedian and other actors died eating Fukushima products trying to give support. Japanese need to fed Fukushima radioactive products to their own people and clean up their own mess instead trying to spill them into Pacific Ocean and export them to other country.

  3. if rising cases due to delta variant, why is FDA for full approval?

  4. Preparing Mark of the Beast System The Lord’s coming and False Prophet, Rev 13:15-18

    Can’t Buy or Sell unless you have his mark

  5. The Social Media Scientist (MBE)

    All of those saying they aren't taking it as it isn't safe, and now it's about to be approved they are still refusing it.

    Stupidity truly is untreatable.

  6. Ted Nelson: But why do they put a guarantee on the box?

    Tommy: Because they know all they sold ya was a guaranteed piece of sh*t. That's all it is, isn't it? Hey, if you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will. I got spare time. But for now, for your customer's sake, for your daughter's sake, ya might wanna think about buying a quality product from me.

  7. Alcohol consumption kills astronomical amount of ppl per year (FDA Approved) they think you are stupid

  8. 🆘Wow! 60% of People Over 50 Who Die Of Covid Are Vaccinated.
    So much for the vaccination reliability.

  9. 🆘Wow! 60% of People Over 50 Who Die Of Covid Are Vaccinated.
    So much for the vaccination reliability.


  11. Why won't YouTube let me post anything about the PFIZER customer support number? Hiding something? Call it, option 1, then whatever option it offers, LISTEN. Eight hundred – eight seven nine – three four seven seven.

  12. Should we be at all surprised that Dr. Fauci’s wife works for the FDA

  13. Peter SantCleare

    Big Pharma contributes about two-thirds of the FDA’s budget.

  14. Phizer is hiding the facts as they have lost the control study data and their vaccine is not even 40% effective!

  15. Ketkesone Phiensinh

    They have medicines for every diseases, viruses 🦠 . But still no cures for cancer and hiv.

  16. GmO, round UP, and BHT are all FDA approved too.. anabolic steroids used to FDA approved, then now its not..

  17. People who used the excuse of no full FDA approval will find some other way to justify their stupidity and still not take it.

  18. What amazes me is all the people that are against getting the vaccine because it's not FDA approved. Look at all the idiots out there Smoking, Vaping taking and drugs. Also for the sake of looking good look at all the people that inject Botox, Steroids and other things into there body. If your not going to get the Vaccine be smart about your day to day decisions and DON'T act like Covid-19 it not out there. It is and its hungry!!

  19. The story should be called Selling out to Big Pharma. All cash, no science!

  20. Is an FDA approval supposed to make people feel better? Do yourself a favor and look up the things the FDA approves. Like flame retardants in foods and drinks.

  21. 5.6K likes and 5.6K dislikes.

    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

  22. Then they try to mandate it. Still my constitutional right to refuse this stupid vaccine. Vaccine the reason ppl are getting sick the government is giving ppl covid.

  23. Of course, after all this time, and now numbers of Covid are going up. Biden most likely pushing FDA to approve vaccines. LOL

  24. crisis actors used to shape opinion of the public

  25. Jesus Christ Is Lord

    "Anti-vax Protesters" Gotta love the spin cycle. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww poohr poohr child. This is sickening.

  26. She said so where was i born lmao after that never thought I’ll see my daughter on a hospital bed

  27. FDA approval is a joke. They just got a big check from pharma to approve. The corruption is sickening

  28. They are in a hurry to approve because the best vaccine nova ax is coming

  29. When FDA say all Vaccines are good with no lasting side effects or side effects like Pain,

    Tiredness,Headache,Muscle pain,Chills,Fever,Nausea. I would get the Vaccine. Don't care what CDC said or WHO 90% of Them are not that smart. When Doctor and Nurses tell me not to take it. I won't. The CCP made Covid and. FACTS.

  30. Why are so many health workers, hospital workers not vaccinated?

  31. Hahahahaha 1:50, watch the girl's eyes. Wonder what she was thinking?

  32. The girls face was priceless 🤣. But, seriously though unvaccinated people need to go get their shots cause this thing will never leave until we get at least 90% vaccinated.

  33. How many more boosters..drug companies need the money they lost on other lawsuits. Hope this isnt a big OOPS moment

  34. The delta variant, the foxtrot variant, the zeta variant… when does it end? Oh wait it never will

  35. When there's talk of a 3rd booster shot, they're effectively saying that the vaccines in use are insufficient to stop the virus in any variant form! There's another train of thought as well & that's the fact that there seems to be an increase in cases after social distancing & mask mandates were rolled back! And one more thing, if the virus was purposely spread, it wouldn't matter how much we chose to protect ourselves! It's clear that no one in our government or any other would even acknowledge IF there was proof of malicious spreading of this virus! They obviously would cite the need to avoid panic as their reason for keeping us in the dark!

  36. Seriously, giving these vaccines full approval when they are failing is an insult to anyone who can think rationally! We have on-going breakthrough infections of people who got fully vaccinated with these versions of a vaccine, who are getting sick, becoming carriers & even dying in some cases that is actually growing in numbers! A stamp of full approval doesn't change these details that are becoming more & more prevalent! And this doesn't even address the side-effects of these vaccines that actually varies because the companies producing them are making variations of the vaccine as well! It may well be the fact that these vaccines ARE NOT ALL THE SAME that has caused so many variant strains of the virus! YOU KNOW that the virus ADAPTS & these vaccine producing companies are creating multiple ways for them to fight back as those who explained how any VIRUS survives!

  37. Sooooo….. our government wants everyone to take the vaccine and only then they want to try and approve it and then they want un-vaccinated people to be surrounded by vaccinated ones as a buffer….WTF🤦‍♂️

  38. John Brittingham

    The numbers for Moderna’s “vaccines” are abysmal. The experimental drug does not seem to protect people from Covid-19 very well, particularly the Delta Variant. A study indicates it only has a 76% effectiveness rate. When we take into account natural immunity and the lack of severity of symptoms from the disease for people under the age of 45, 76% is horrible.
    But hey, at least they’re not stuck with Pfizer’s numbers which are much, much worse. They’re showing a 46% effectiveness rate, which is about the same as injecting a placebo.

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