Apple fanboy reviews the Google Pixel 6 Pro! 😱

– Review by an Apple Fanboy!
How does the Google compare against the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra? Is the Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max even worth discussing? How about the Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Pixel 6 Pro, is that a fair comparison? These are all incredible smartphones and I think they all have a merit to be considered “flagship” devices.

Can someone like me who uses Apple iPhone and other Apple products have a Pixel 6 Pro and enjoy the experience, despite the fact it won’t be in the “ecosystem”?

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did! Have a great day! 🙏

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0:00 Apple fanboy tries out the Google Pixel 6 Pro
1:07 My favourite Pixel 6 Pro feature!
2:25 Why am I so excited about speech-to-text?
2:50 Siri and Bixby vs Google Assistant 😂
3:09 Pixel 6 Pro Design
4:01 Google Pixel 6 Pro Performance
4:32 Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max – Camera
6:16 Camera functionality
7:33 Battery performance
8:13 Android 12, the friendliest Android UI ever?
8:57 Pixel 6 Pro issues – can Google fix this with software?
10:19 Does the Pixel 6 Pro compete with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and S21/S222 Ultra?

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Tiêu đề video: Apple fanboy reviews the Google Pixel 6 Pro! 😱

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  1. You’re one of my favorite youtubers Alex. I’m not necessarily a hardcore tech guy, but i genuinly like watching your video’s. You’re authentic and thats a very precious quality in the corner of youtube you’re in. Thanks for all the effort man!

  2. Giving my iPhone 13 Pro Max back and getting the Pixel 6 Pro.

  3. hmm when was the last time you gave bixby a chance. kind of been really good recently, it isnt as good as google on the web but its better at everything else tbh.

  4. I have been using Samsung for years, but lately, I have had the itch to get out of the Samsung ecosystem, but still keep it android, and the pixel 6 seen to be the goto atm.

  5. Weirdly in my Samsung google don't understand me but Siri does. My question is google assistant in pixel is it better than Samsung or work all the same in all android devices.

  6. Glad I found this review….. firstly I tried the siri, open now as you did and mine worked first time….. its always great to use different operating systems.. I've always had an iPhone since the first one.. wow think that was 2007… I'm writing this on a note 20…… there are just so many great things android can do easier than iPhone and also vice versa… one of my favourite phones was the blackberry passport! Keep up the great work

  7. If you’re making a video please use it for a few more days and then make one. Your response to most things are that it’s too soon for you. And it’s frustrating cause then why did you make a video about it.

  8. The phones aren’t that loud though compared to IPhone and other Androids. At least the ones I looked at when I was at Best Buy werent

  9. Eddie Evangelista

    Currently iPhone 12 Pro Max user here and I’ve grown tired of the phone. I’m between the s22u or the pixel 6 pro. Price aside , I’m having a real hard time picking one.

  10. When i saw Senna's helmet over your desk, and you talk about your accent, i thought: this guy has some conection with Brazil…kkk. Abraços da terrinha!!! Caí de para-quedas aqui no teu canal! Ganhou um inscrito!!!

  11. You have just activated my Google nest when you said hey Google 😂!

  12. this phone is hot garbage. i just had to switch to this phone from my LG v60 and its trash. it runs so hot you cant touch it, it eats through battery and omg its slow. my v60 was a powerhouse and this POS is a porta-john

  13. I own the Samsung and the iPhone 13 and the pixel there are all fantastic A1 each and everyone of them have they all have brilliant qualitys Samsung IPhone I could go on about each of there qualitys and never stop praising there amazingness but I feel like the Google pixel been bashed by everyone for a few bugs which it does have but keep in mind that this is Google's first time using there own chip there's bound to be a few flaws here and there but let's be honest it's a major step in the right direction and not only is it there first chip and but it's a time adapting to a whole new look and I must say it's beautiful and stylish and functional and I'd say and all around great leap for Google if the Google pixel 7 and 7 pro goes in the same direction then there going to be the best phone of 2022/ 2003 depending on what time it come out and and the specs and what it's up against like the iPhone 14 maybe and others alike Xiaomi and one plus is maybe become the one to beat iam watching Google 👌👍☺️

  14. For you to lean more towards Apple's ecosystem (which is totally fine) and having the chance to experience Android at its own excellence and for what it is worth nowadays compared to old Android devices back in the day. Android has come an absolute long way and as you stated we all have to give props where due, this video felt like an honest one. You earned another subscriber!

  15. Anthony Branch Sr.

    I really liked that you provided a review that just makes sense. You speak in terms of a real user experience. You just got a new subscriber.

  16. This the first time I see you on YouTube and I see that you are really underrated. You deserve more subscribers. You are awesome keep going 👏

  17. I just stumbled on your channel. Absolutely great, honest, non biased review with a down to earth personality. Hard to find nowadays. Keep it up, made me a subscriber 👍

  18. Probably the most honest review I’ve seen not this devices so far! Excellent job!

  19. thanks for the mention, Alex! speech to text is truly a revolutionary feature.

  20. Thanks for the mention Alex! Speech to text on the Pixel 6 is truly a revolutionary feature, which I think is massively underrated

  21. It's the other way around with voice dictation in Greek. iOS is spot on while my Pixel 6 is very bad at it.

  22. As an Android fan who is using an iphone12 now I do gotta admit that android is more of a interesting experience. It's pretty boring great phone the camera is phenomenal.

  23. Thank you! Give credit to where it is due!
    I have both 6 and 6 Pro and I never have any issues.

  24. I agree with O'Prince. The production quality is terrific, and I feel as though I'm hearing from a normal guy with common sense. Well done, my friend. Subscribed.

  25. BTW, have you tried the night shot on the camera, yet. I really like that feature on the 4a. Also, hands down my favorite thing, AI call screening (and responsive holding, as well). The amount of spam calls I've been able to skip and autoblock is tremendous. 🙂

  26. I saw in the beginning you pressed the mic button when you started a new paragraph. Idk if you know this but you can just say "New Paragraph" and it will start one for you

  27. Just got a pixel and came across your video. 👌 You sir, make an enjoyable video.

  28. Abhishek dhanalakoti

    Friendly review and the way you present the device I liked it 🙂

  29. This speech to text feature is a game changer as I am using it right now 😆

  30. Deepak Ramchandani

    Great video mate.
    If it helps .. the voice recognition that you've shared in the video isn't actually the AI enhanced voice recognition that's meant to make the pixel awesome. What you've got there is the standard voice to text that Google has by default.

    If you didn't already know this, you can turn that on in: Settings – System – language and input – on screen keyboard – gboard – voice typing and then turn on assist voice typing.

  31. JΣrry Fļoгέaľ

    This is what I call REVIEW, ran into your page mate. Your input is greatly appreciated Mate. 😊😊

  32. JΣrry Fļoгέaľ

    What's the KEYBOARD you're using?

  33. Good luck with your pro! Mine is bug riddled! I haven't experienced as many issues with an Android phone in years!

  34. For me the fingerprint sensor has been as accurate as my s21 ultra. A tad slower. I do mean a tad. Nothing for me to complain about or consider a problem

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