Are Chelsea’s Problems Good News For Arsenal?

Are Chelsea’s Problems Good News For Arsenal? | The Invincible Podcast

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[18+ & UK only.]

Robbie & Lee discuss the latest news, which is that Roman Abramovich has been sanctioned and Chelsea will be seriously restricted in their business transactions for the foreseeable future. The guys analyse what’s going on and what impact it could have on the future for both Chelsea, and of course, Arsenal.

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Tiêu đề video: Are Chelsea’s Problems Good News For Arsenal?

Độ dài: 00:52:19, Ngày đăng: 2022-03-10 23:37:46

Tác giả: AFTV

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  1. What are your thoughts on the situation at Chelsea?

  2. Hey Robbie do a video on our takeover and our 200 million transfer budget mate.

  3. They deserve everything they get fans bin up their own arses for years. Cheating n bankrolling club and prem. ShAme they dont do it to newcastle and $heiki. They bin cheating the other teams for years, when abramobitch bought that club they hadnt won the title for 40yrs and were in Liquidation til he bought it

  4. don robbie football knowledge is atrocious

  5. Normal like your comments but this a little delusional by you guys, or wishful thinking, or both, as Chelsea will emerge from this stronger than ever imv

  6. The other day Saudis executed 81 people in one day.
    Given that regime likes to chop up journalists on foreign soil too, has anything really been learnt since Chelsea?

  7. Neutral Watcher

    Lmao Arsenal has the highest net spend this season. And guess what is their achievement …. Celebrating Chelsea getting sanctioned by the Uk Government.

    Banter club 😭😭😂

  8. Ake and Dias were bought in the same window, they didn't just go out and buy Dias because Ake 'didn't work out'. Dias was a long overdue Kompany replacement, funnily enough, given your odd defence of Utd who have 5 CBs worth 220m, because City lost out on Maguire to Utd the summer Kompany left, and Ake was an Otamendi replacement.

  9. What has the Chelsea fans done wrong

  10. Arsenal's youngsters are no where near as good nor plentiful as chelsea's. Plus tbh I think someone bigger than Abramovich will buy Chelsea so i doubt it will affect Chelsea as much as they people are saying.

  11. Not if Chelsea keep winning

  12. why do i watch your channel… classless as watch mojo….

  13. Professional Account

    Kante contract expires ….
    His choices:
    Man Utd , Man City ,Liverpool, Real Madrid ,Barcelona, PSG

    Robbie’s mind: His only choice is Arsenal

  14. Professional Account

    Ahh come on Robbie man , how does Arsenal benefit from Chelsea being sold ? They will probably be bought by some Middle Eastern family

  15. Chelsea may drop out next season for challenging but there another big club on the up ie Newcastle

  16. Chelzea taking Ryan Air I just love it

  17. the way robbie said 'those days are oover'. soooo satisfying, chelsea crumbling

  18. robbie your heart is black and dirty to be thinking like this …kroenke your owner is raping your club.

  19. you all just bad mind and jealous

  20. Didn't know Robbie was such a big hater that's wot Chelsea take over of London dose to them .

  21. So the national front club have 28k season ticket holders while the gunners have around 46k.easy to see who is and always be the bigger club.

  22. They sold Eden Hazard you idiots. Talk about finance. You guys are jokes mate, have been for a couple of decades. What did you club do for Mesut Özil and his stance against the misery in china?

  23. I wonder whether this will also affect chelski women…..

  24. i’m an arsenal fan u all hating on chelsea
    what u mean is tainted what abt barcelona and mardrid buying big time players

  25. The might have to fly Ryanair 🤣

  26. Chelsea's legacy and achievements still are impressive and are still the best club in London and roman Abramovich hasn't done anything wrong he is just taking a big punishment for one lunatics choice.

  27. Hypocritical fanbase, you Arsenal fans bitch and cry about Abramovich but keep quiet or act clueless when someone mentions Henry Norris and how you bought your way into the first division after finishing 5th, or the fact your a stolen club from Woolwich…

  28. In your widest dreams lol
    One thing for sure is Assanal will still not smell the champions league in 400yrs time no 🧢 so there are levels boys 😂

  29. These two club replica manikins laughing about chelsea travel in Europe
    The irony… bareing in mind the exception from Europe and fact never lifted a sensible European trophy in there lifetimes😂

  30. Daniel Anderson

    My Chelsea mates are gutted, I'm not even rubbing it in, much. I remember when they beat us 6-0 the hammering I got. one or two were nasty the rest were okay. they walked all over us back in August, just won the world club championship, it's actually surreal. We are decent fans us Arsenal. let's focus on our own progress. Would they feel sorry for us if the roles were reversed ?

  31. If you dig deep enough, every billionaire owner has skeletons in their closet. Let's not be naive. The new Newcastle owners have been accused of human right offences but hey ho they've still been able to purchase the club. 💰$££ will always come first unfortunately.

  32. Is it Chelsea that stop your club for not be able to win champion league

  33. Robbie stop all this we know you are all happy

  34. If we play against Liverpool with the same energy as when we played city, we have a chance!


  36. Chelsea Frozen…Let it go , let go

  37. This is beyond ridiculous. What about the Saudi owners. Saudi has been waging a genocide in Yemen for years, but don't worry, thats okay. Pure hypocrisy

  38. Jishnu Dasgupta

    It’s bollocks thinking Chelsea are gonna tumble down the well. They are very well established and even if an American Kroenkesque owner took over, they have ample ability to maintain its own. They probably have better youth players than us. Don’t tell me Gallagher, Reece, Mount, Chalobah, Broja, CHO aren’t great players. They may not be able to compete with a City regularly but they’ll definitely compete with us, Spurs, United etc. They are far too into their project. They have high value assets in their team. They can sell a few and be challenging for the title.

  39. Sucks that when sanctions are being imposed on a club in the hopes of aiding an end to Russia's war on Ukraine, all that you guys can think about is how we can benefit off of it. Completely unnecessary video.

  40. I don’t think Lee understands what a frozen asset means 😂

  41. Machination Studio

    Would we sign Azpilicueta, Rudiger or Christensen?

  42. Fortunately Usmanov has sold off all his Arsenal shares. Otherwise we would be in a similar situation now.

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