Arsenal's pair of second-half goals sends Gunners to EFL Cup quarterfinals | Highlights | ESPN FC

Two second-half goals from Calum Chambers and Eddie Nketiah keep Arsenal’s winning momentum going and sends the team into the EFL cup quarterfinals. However, Ben White sustained an injury in the second half and his status for Arsenal’s next match vs. Leicester City has not been determined.

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Tiêu đề video: Arsenal's pair of second-half goals sends Gunners to EFL Cup quarterfinals | Highlights | ESPN FC

Độ dài: 00:03:14, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-27 04:41:45

Tác giả: ESPN FC

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  1. With about 20+ minutes left the announcer said Arsenal are sure going thru to next round. What a disrespect to Leeds lol.

  2. Don't know how sme don't think Eddie did that intentionally. That was the cutest swervical goal you're really going to get.

  3. arsenal celebrating that first goal like that against leeds tell you all you need to know about the clubs ambition.

  4. Can you guys not spoil the game with the title on the video?

  5. Really dogshit on the editing recently espn…🗑

  6. ToomanyJ's ToomanyR's

    Feel bad for Mielie, he's a good keep in a bad team. Should reach Ramsdale status in a few years.

  7. The header by Pepe to Chambers was so good.

  8. That second goal finish was horrendous. I bet he felt so lucky lmao

  9. The boy chambers really rare goal

  10. YouTube must have capped the amount of money espn can make or something

  11. In Fifa that would've been No Goal !

  12. I already can see LFC gonna win 2morrow's Match 12-0

  13. ESPN needs to start posting extended highlights instead of this


    The win is all that matters. Next side up…..

  15. I want Arsenal to win Carabo Cup

  16. Genuinely thought Nketiah screwed that up. That's Arsenal for you, though. You'd believe anything. Decent unbeaten streak going though.

  17. The Typical Gooner 14

    was working so I couldnt watch but was so happy to see my Gunners win 😁 COYG 🔥

  18. ESPNFC sucks at highlights. Did literally nothing else happen in the game other than the 2 goals? Totally lazy to just clip the goals. Add in other chances to give some context of what happened in the game.

  19. cmon ESPN. Having a monopoly on streaming this comp in the US and then the gall to string together an edit with 2 moments in 3 minutes… not a great look for the fans

  20. Emilio Dominguez

    What in the world what is Sead doing there HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  21. Anirudh Bharadwaj

    Eddie almost missed that, on another day against another team……he would have definitely missed

  22. Love the boys out there taking that! Big win for the badge! Nketiah I see youuuu!

  23. Why does Arsenal suck despite being based in wealthy London? what I mean by suck is they no longer compete for the Premier League of the Champions League. No one gives a f**k about EFL cup. Do they have American owners?

  24. Good now we need to beat a decent team.

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