Casey Stoney • Tactics, Manchester United Women 1 Arsenal Women 0 • Masterclass

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0:14 – Intro
0:21 – Preparing for the game and the starting XI
1:14 – Stopping Vivianne Miedema and the defensive plan
3:20 – In-possession strategy
4:46 – 1-0, Ella Toone scores
6:51 – Importance of the result

In the first of three exclusive Masterclass features with The Coaches’ Voice, gives an in-depth insight into the match strategy and tactical adjustments that inspired her then Manchester United team’s home win against Arsenal in the 2020/21 season.

The fixture was the sixth of what was still only United’s second campaign in the FA Women’s Super League. Victory over one of the traditional giants of the women’s game represented a major step forward in the young team’s bid to establish themselves as a genuine force. Stoney explains how she set her team up to minimise the threat of star striker Vivianne Miedema, pressurise the Arsenal build and, in possession, create and exploit wide overloads.

It’s a fascinating feature with a young coach now working as head coach of the newly formed San Diego NWSL team in the United States.

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Tiêu đề video: Casey Stoney • Tactics, 1 Arsenal Women 0 • Masterclass

Độ dài: 00:07:46, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-28 23:10:35

Tác giả: The Coaches’ Voice

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  1. No Likey Gs Omnipresence

    That was a smart defensive system, holy shit. I've no idea how it panned out on the day, but that was good.

  2. She has more tactical knowledge then ole

  3. You can tell Casey is a brilliant tactician, the way she explains the movements of the players like a game of chess, predicting the opponents behavior to get the best outcome for her team. Great player management skills, excellent understanding of which eleven can best interpret and implement her ideas on the field, tactical and counter-react the opponents movements. It was a real privilege to listen to her.

  4. Great video, she has a really clear way of explaining her ideas and how the game went, which makes the tactics seem very simple even though they aren’t, which shows how good of a manager she is.

  5. Better than Mourinho. Why? He's outdated

  6. a random google user

    I don't need to hear to know she's better than Ole

  7. soon as I heard her defensive tactics, I just knew she was better than ole

  8. The way the club treated Casey and the Women’s team was shameful.

  9. More women coach content please

  10. the fact that the glazers let her leave shows how incompetent they are. She did so well last season

  11. Amrith Bharadwaj

    Full backs pressing the other team's full backs is ballsy. They've got to be well drilled as a team. I like her

  12. Tbh I didn't see this video coming. But what I do know is that this lady is a hell lot better than Ole!

  13. Anything our women's team goes on to achieve, it will be because Casey set the foundations. Hopefully Mark Skinner can take the team to great things.

  14. I'd honestly take Casey over Ole.

  15. Women’s football is on the rise and you love to see it 🔥

  16. fairplay to casey great coach just ashame she left because of the poor conditions of the training ground and as a whole for the women #glazersout

  17. excellent tactical breakdown ….. one of the best ive seen on here

  18. Ole better take notes

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