FC Porto vs. Milan: Extended Highlights | Group Stage – Match Day 3 | CBS Sports Golazo

AC Milan’s torrid start in Serie A has not been matched by their European efforts. To remain relevant in a stacked Group B, they’ll need three vs. Porto.

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Tiêu đề video: FC Porto vs. Milan: Extended | Group Stage – Match Day 3 | CBS Sports Golazo

Độ dài: 00:09:20, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-20 04:38:45

Tác giả: CBS Sports Golazo

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYj-cXbnEPQ


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  1. لوییز دیاز کونی پاس نمیده اصن

  2. Ana Cristina Sierra Ulloque


  3. Miguel Floriano

    Probably the best ref right now hah.

  4. Maurice Martinez

    I love this Milan team it’s an amazing squad full of young talents that just need to solitufy themselves on the team ( in hopes that non of those players leave anytime soon) I’m sure lots of silverware will come to them soon.

  5. Not an AC Milan fan, but there is a definite fowl before the goal. Sometimes I feel the referees and VAR are on the same frequency to sink a team.

  6. I think Milan not ready yet for champions league

  7. Tarami ,🇮🇷🇮🇷💪

  8. Andrew Chebyrek

    Come on you fuck faces referre , if you gonna allow this fucking goals to happen even WITH VAR, I m just speechless
    Fucking foul and goal approved
    WTF is wrong with this game

  9. The yielding exchange cosmetically force because run pivotally squeal absent a soggy meat. taboo, tranquil germany

  10. porto deserved this win and mehdi taremi played great and smart as always

  11. Mehdi Taremis influence on Porto is underrated … also a brilliant player who knows how to position and even draw fouls … deadly in air and striking and passing game is again underrated

  12. Porto could have won 4-0. They really deserve the win here!!

  13. This ref is always such a dumb twat

  14. Mehdi Taremi got totally locked down by the Korean player Kim min jae.

  15. zlatan lucky he didn't get a red

  16. As a football fan, I'm sickened when I see these girls go down when barely touched, screaming like two-year olds. Pathetic.

  17. Damn that's some shitty refereeing there I'm surprised he didn't get slapped, glad porto won!!!

  18. Surprised no one picked up Diaz

  19. Donevan Geisler

    referee was attrocious

  20. Cristian Casallas

    Díaz = Magic 🪄

  21. Luis Díaz what a talent Colombia produced

  22. That was complete 💩……
    Milan was fouled from behind prior to the shot….
    If we are going to use replay VAR then use it!!!

  23. Zlantan should have started

  24. Milan , this is what happens when your number 10 is out and you have no backup. And when your right wing is doing nothing but you have no backup there either. This goes back to Maldini and there terrible summer transfer window.

  25. No Zlatan, no win. (period). Put in Zlatan as a starter.. Rafeal Leo is a joke!

  26. It’s pretty clear Milan are aiming for the serie A since they don’t want to start their best players in these matches. Which is odd Because they should be competing but they basically don’t care about it this season

  27. Luis Diaz is the most underrated player in the world.. He’s absolutely fantastic!

  28. FORÇA PORTO CARALHO 🐉🟦⬜️🟦⬜️🟦🐉

  29. Hartin Gjonbalaj

    Damn ref woke up on wrong side of bed b4 this one what an egomaniac

  30. Mehdi9 is super selfish, i would cut him from the squad.

  31. jesus is jerry allah is tom

    Porto finishing is so stupid.

  32. Another unlucky night for Milan, we need our players back so badly, and that was definitely a foul on Bennacer, that's twice now Milan has had calls not go fairly, they need to regroup, Forza MILAN

  33. The first yellow was unnecessary I’ve noticed refs are giving cards left and right ever since the whole “var” system

  34. Should of been like 5-0 AC Milan is lucky.

  35. Porto was MUCH better side but there’s a blatant foul prior to the goal. VAR should have cancelled the goal.

  36. João Sousa Pinto

    How was there only one goal?!

  37. Barca going to Europa fasho

  38. Was the ref not at times playing for Porto.?🤔

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