Google Pixel 6 Pro – Phone of the year!

In today’s video we take a look at the Pro and how – despite the software bugs – I think this device still has some great potential against the likes of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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Should you buy the Pixel 6 Pro or wait until the software bugs have been fixed? I’d love to know if you are a Pixel fan and have been impacted by the software bugs recently, let me know in the comments! For me, it’s been pretty smooth actually, and overall I think it is a great device. Is the Pixel 6 Pro better than the iPhone 13 Pro Max? I am not sure, overall the iPhone 13 Pro Max does some basic things really well like videos. But the Pixel 6 Pro has great AI functionality too…

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0:00 Is not all about the Samsung S22 Ultra!
0:46 Pixel 6 Pro Design
1:49 Pixel 6 Pro Performance
2:48 Pixel 6 Pro Call Quality
3:27 Pixel 6 Pro Bluetooth issues?
3:45 Pixel 6 Pro Audio Quality (speakers)
3:58 Pixel 6 Pro – Selfie camera. Ok this is real problem.
4:45 Pixel 6 Pro – Main cameras
5:38 Max Video Quality
6:44 Battery life
7:57 Could the Pixel 6 Pro be the phone of the year?

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Tiêu đề video: Google Pixel 6 Pro – Phone of the year!

Độ dài: 00:09:06, Ngày đăng: 2022-02-12 23:25:19

Tác giả: Alex Gear & Tech

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  1. Like the content, comes across honest and unbiased. Matches my experience almost perfectly.

    You should check out the 12L beta 3. It's been incredibly stable, moreso than regular 12 has been for me. Might make you finally switch over for good!

    Keep up the great vids

  2. He is rhe o ly one who spoke about reception with the phone, no one else mentions that today

  3. I just tried the Google Pixel 6 Pro after receiving the S22 Ultra. The ultra works just fine. My only complaint was the weight. Now for the Pixel, I have encountered a few bugs but I have enjoyed it regardless. So much I'm actually thinking of keeping the Pixel 6 Pro over the S22 Ultra. I get more consistent great photos with the Pixel, like no spam calls. The weight and feel also feels great. I'm going to give it a day or two more and see which one ends up going back but I am very pleased with the Pixel.

  4. The haptics alone are worth phone of the year.

  5. Alex i do have a Pixel 6 Pro the same one you got and I really do love it, I haven't been so happy with a phone since the first iPhone 2g which I remember like it was yesterday when they put it in my hands, With the pixel i feel the same way and to be honest I having gotten any of the issues that people being having the only complaint that I have is with the slow charging other than that I'm very happy with it.

  6. Alex i encourage you to keep on going with your YouTube reviews I like the way you handle your reviews very professional and truthful and to be honest I'm tired of watching all those traditional reviewers
    Thank you so much.

  7. I love the pixel but it performs terribly while using zoom! My pixel got so hot and shut off during each zoom call!

  8. Lifelong Android user. Been on Moto phones forever. Took a chance on the Pixel 6…. total let down. Buggy, poor battery life and the fingerprint scanner is horrible. I'm mean a total f_&–+g joke. Bluetooth devices totally confuse this phone as well. I really want to smash it and either go back to Moto or ……. Apple. I can't stand this pos phone.

  9. FranklinProductions57

    the bugs are all gone on the pixel 6 pro .

  10. Pixel devices have historically have Bluetooth issues, not sure why

  11. Lighting is incredible in this video!

  12. This phone is racist it's going to get more dark Americans identified in crimes and is promoted as being meant to take better pictures of dark Americans in poor lit areas.

  13. Just subscribed ..awesome video love my pixel 6 pro

  14. The Indian Polish Connection

    Was disappointed with the 4xl in the Pixel series but took the gamble to upgrade to the 6 pro. I couldn't be happier. Buttery smooth display and that camera 😱

  15. I'll get the pixel 7 pro …for now going for the s22 ultra

  16. Trading my 6PP for the S22U, Google tried but really meh

  17. This is the first time i am hearing that it plays genshin with stable frames, in every other review there was only 40 % stability. can you please do performance review with genshi, also you can play cod or pubg with screen recorder on, that might put some strain on this phone

  18. Video is a toss up my guy with the 6 pro and iPhone. Didn't see a problem with the dog portrait. His fur was less grey and more white. Anyway good video

  19. I owned the 6 pro and s21 ultra for awhile. The s21 had it's issues. Probably more then I experienced on the 6 pro. I understand most have a preference or bias even though they reviewer's. I do my own test. Always have which has taught me to not take others opinion. Google paused one update and people act like it's been the normal lol. They weren't the only one to pause update. Sammy and OnePlus pulled the Android 12 update. Apple phones suffer from pink screens etc. Not sure why Google stuff gets amplified. No OS is bug free. Every month Sammy, one plus, Google etc sending out bug fixes.

  20. Phone full of bug is phone of the year….wow such biasness…i just returned mine….preorder s22 plus….even s21 is way better than pixel

  21. Michael Harrison

    It’s been the biggest bust so far, the bugs ruined it and way to dim of a display outdoors , I returned it

  22. Pixel devices are great. Sadly, it's not available in the Philippines.

  23. I love google devices! Something outside the Apple and Samsung maintstream. And on top of that, the stills camera is phenomenal!

  24. 4:42 : this looks way better, then what I told you previously ( it better than that side profile, it was not bad: you ‘now what I’m saying”)

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