Google Pixel 6 Pro Review After 60 Days

This is My Long Term Review for the After 60 Days, I will tell you my honest opinion about the Pixel 6 Pro Design, Build Quality, Display, Google’s Tensor Performance, Battery Life, Camera & More.

The Pixel 6 Pro could be The Best Android Phone of The Year but, we are not there yet

00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Design & Build
04:06 – The Curved Display
09:36 – Google’s Tensor
11:30 – The Battery
12:09 – Speaker Quality
13:49 – That Camera
17:44 – Amazing Software
18:58 – Haptics
19:17 – The Fingerprint Dilemma
19:59 – Best Screen Protectors
21:20 – Do I Recommend the 6 Pro

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Tiêu đề video: 6 Pro Review After 60 Days

Độ dài: 00:21:55, Ngày đăng: 2022-01-11 20:54:33

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  1. man, this is the best review of pixel 6 period. explain some small detail make it really useful. thx

  2. Love this small YouTube reviewers are so much better than the big sell out ones, fantastic job thank you for showing me everything side by side.

  3. Does the camera glass protector affects the camera/photos quality?

  4. Dakota Williams

    You have the best Pixel 6 pro review on YouTube. Congrats!

  5. The best screen protector for this and any phone is the Whitestone Dome! Sick screen protector!

  6. Elie News et Tech

    Thanks for this nice review 👍👍👍 very complet

  7. I pretty much died, and I mean DIED when you slapped on a case to solve so many problems that other YouTube reviewers seem to have that I do not. And I see I'm not the only one who has a pixel 6 that tries to leave the house in a slippery fashion

  8. Hi Emad, love ur video so much. By the way may I knw which colours of display u r apply ? Adaptive, booster or natural ?

  9. You really have well made videos that are in depth and extremely informative. Thank you sir for the great channel and videos!!! Cheers mate!!!

  10. Hey man, please don't stop creating these videos. The amount of effort you've put in is very apparent. Great content as always

  11. I loved how compact the Pixel 5 was. Seeing these 2 bricks released as the only variants for the 6 lineup, was a true disappointment.

  12. Onil Marte Navarroza

    Hi Emad. Did you get the January update yet? What are the improvements?

  13. How does this channel not have 1million subscribers by now? Amazing content

  14. Have you run into any of the issues MKBHD cites for no longer recommending this phone?

    The display constantly drops way below 120Hz
    The fingerprint sensor is still slower than the rest
    The lockscreen and auto brightness bug out all the time now
    The camera app has started slowing down

  15. Balanced review, hard to disagree!

  16. Are you able to get 5G working on your pixel 6 pro here in Dubai?

  17. Thanks for the video, I'm a Nexus/Pixel guy since the G1 was released, sadly this time I have decided to stay with the pixel 5 and not to upgrade to pixel 6, mainly for the reasons you stated in your video, I feel like google started to lose the software superiority and just release an undercooked software for the sake of competing and having a piece of the market cake at the expense of the only thing they are good at.

  18. What about the assistant voice typing? Could you elaborate on that beyond? The video you Did. on the issue.

  19. 60 days, wow that really is long term!

  20. Great review, love the jokes

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