Google Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Camera Comparison

In this video I show you photos and video from the front and rear cameras of the Google and iPhone 13 Pro in good and low light conditions. The iPhone 13 pro has the same cameras as the iPhone 13 Pro Max this year.

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00:00 Front camera video (4k 60fps, Indoors)
01:17 Main wide camera (Portrait mode)
02:37 Main camera
03:32 Main camera (zoom)
06:38 Ultra wide camera photos
07:43 Rear camera video (4k 30fps, outdoors)
10:06 Front camera photos (auto & portrait)
11:31 Front camera video (4k 30fps, outdoors)
13:00 Rear camera low light photos (main)
15:06 Rear camera low light photos (ultrawide)
16:36 Rear camera low light video (4k 30fps)
18:53 Front camera low light photos (auto & portrait)
20:43 Front camera low light video (4k 30fps)

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6 pro vs iphone 13 pro max

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Tiêu đề video: Google Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Camera Comparison

Độ dài: 00:23:48, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-26 22:03:43

Tác giả: Grant Likes Tech

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  1. Love the pixel on your videos, there is lot of post on xda about pixel low light lens flare, can you check that?

  2. i was curious about the phones already but i clicked the video for the doggo in the thumbnail

  3. Lots of images were not good. Leaves are hard to shoot when the wind is blowing they will be blurry if they aren’t still and stop cropping a 3x and 4x zoomed images These lengths are not meant for telephoto zoom distances they are portrait distances shoot images at 3x and 4x for their intended purposes and then compare them.

  4. What a great video man. Lots of info , appreciate the work. I have both of these phones, well the max pro but same lenses. I've been back and forth on which to keep. Finally took the pixel for a family outing and just easily I preferred all my pixel shots for the day over what I got on my iPhone which is still really good. Video wise, pixel has narrowed the gap surprisingly. Hoping Google improves the nightshots. They take a little too long and come out to bright.

  5. Man the pixel 6 pro takes the best pics. I’m using a 13 pro max now. I noticed my pictures were better on my pixel 6 which was 699 vs 1300 for the pro max with a ok camera.

  6. The 6 pro just has so much more detail once you 100% crop. Clean lines, individual feathers… Where the iPhone blurs, the Pixel nails it

  7. Pixel 6 Pro hands down winner. I've changed from iPhone 12 Pro Max to Google Pixel 6 Pro and I won't be going back to Apple any time soon! Thanks for this, you do great camera comparisons! 👍🏻🙂🇬🇧

  8. 1 ii or google pixel 6 pro???

  9. Best review. Pixel smokes the iPhone.

  10. On the iPhone it looks soooo natural !

  11. do a Pixel 6 comparison to iphone 13pro please,i need to know which one is good to buy

  12. I don't understand why everytime most of the reviewers do 4k comparison by 30 fps only??

  13. Pixel is over sharpened and gross. Id take that iPhone over it in a heartbeat!

  14. There is a bug in the pixel that makes you think you are shooting 4x optical on semi close objects after focusing/adjusting white balance etc on the main lense. You also have to trick the pixel to use 4x at closer range by focusing far away with 4x then back on the closet object. They need to fix this issue.

  15. At 13:08 the iPhone's portrait edge-detection is hands-down pathetic.

  16. Overall video iPhone is still king but Pixel delivers better results in all other areas except for a few odd shots where iPhone colour science is a bit more accurate. This has me thinking of upgrading from Pixel 6 to the Pixel 6 Pro…

  17. With few exceptions, the camera on that Pixel is simply AMAZING! I would like to see a comparison between Pixel and P50 Pro. 🙂

  18. Thank you! Greets from Germany! 🖤

  19. If you want the punchy colors from iphone go to google photos and put it as dynamic, then it should be similar to Iphone colors

  20. I love iPhone 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  21. Overall the Pixel did better, but sometimes it was a hit-and-miss on both devices.

  22. dem iphone13 skin color looks so tomato

  23. Pixel Series – king of detailing and sharpness

  24. hey nice work from you.. top Picture side by side..pixel is the winner… . i give a Abo.. and a Finger for you by ralf

  25. Bro! Definitely one of the better comparison videos for sure. The inclusion of the camera UI in the picture samples was dope.

  26. if only stabilisation on pixel was more smooth beacuse it looks really worse than iphone it would be no thinking decision. pixel is better in photos and video quality but the stabilisation breaks everything for me :((

  27. Pixel as 7 and iPhone as 10

  28. Wow. The iPhone has the Very Most powerful cpu But is Not Really faster at Rendering as the Pixel.

  29. I currently have a pixel 4a and I have really enjoyed the camera, but am tired of the single camera setup. I was excited for the 6/6 pro, but am disappointed by the lack of telephoto on the 6 and the giant size and curved screen of the 6 pro. For the first time since I've owned a smartphone, I'm considering an iPhone. I don't feel like carrying around a giant brick. Android really needs to offer a phone with optical zoom that isn't massive…

  30. the details preserved in the Pixel's isolation in the portrait is really good,

  31. Pixel vs Iphone
    deep down you know privacy is a myth

  32. Jz da #1 Slabrider

    The rear picture camera test some was a tie so I threw them out but the ((Pixel 6 win 12 to 10))

  33. I thought the right one is from Samsung 😀

  34. Francisco José Alcalá Heredia

    What I really like about Pixel's photos is the use of HDR and the way it exposes darker areas. Yeah, it look a little bit unnatural but is more pleasant than the iPhone. Photos in general are better in the Pixel 6 Pro.

  35. Best review out of the dozens I've seen. Pixel 6 Pro is the one for me. 👍

  36. The portrait mode on the 6 pro definitely needs some work The one on my pixel 3 has cleaner edge detection. Hopefully Google can fix the issues with updates

  37. Thank you for adding the screen recordings! Most do not include this. Great comparison.

  38. I like the pixel’s photos

  39. Pixel video quality has improved so much! Even looks better than iPhone in some cases!

  40. I don’t like pixel human portraits, overly sharpened and overly processed with poor separation. Photos are overall sharpened. iPhone has flaws as well

  41. I just came here from your pixel 5a vs iphone 13 camera review and I have to say it was very nicely done and all the scenerios were very well documented. Thanks a lot

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