Google Pixel 6 Review: One Month Later

The and 6 Pro are the phones we’ve been wanting Google to make. But have they come a little too late? After a month of use, and some extensive testing, am ready to deliver my thoughts and recommendations.

This video also includes in-depth camera comparisons vs the Pixel 5, iPhone 13 Pro/Max, Galaxy S21 Ultra and the vivo x70 Pro+.


Pixel 6:
Pixel 6 Pro:

Julian’s Pixel 6 Review for Wired:

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00:00 Intro
01:08 Pixel 6 for Starters
02:31 Tensor Chip
05:32 Integration
08:09 Standout Design
09:44 Upgraded Cameras
10:59 Camera Shootout: Pixel 6 Pro vs Pixel 5
11:49 Camera Shootout: Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max
14:51 Camera Shootout: Pixel 6 Pro vs Galaxy S21 Ultra & vivo X70 Pro+
16:24 Camera Shootout: No Portraits Please!
16:44 Wide Selfies are back!
17:13 Real Tone
18:30 Camera Magic
20:50 Battery & Charging
23:00 Complaints
23:30 Pixel 6 or 6 Pro?
24:35 Availability
25:20 Are the Google Pixel 6 Series your GadgetMatch?


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Tiêu đề video: Google Pixel 6 Review: One Month Later

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  1. I absolutely don't get this hype about the "Magic Eraser".
    Just stop thinking that this is something you only can do in Photoshop otherwise 🙄 I have a FREE app on my phone for years now that is doing a way better job than Google here and it works just as fast.
    Google simply put this functionality into the Photos app. That's it. There absolutely NOTHING new here.

  2. this is the smartest smart phone between all brands

  3. My chat xxx vào (

    13:54 Sáng trà sữa. Trưa trà xanh. Chiều để bụng. Tối ăn anh

  4. Cool phone , like iPhone but better

  5. Debabrata Dasgupta

    Love from tripura 💕

  6. Why did Pixel 6 remove wide-angle front camera? (It was one of Pixel 3's best features)

  7. Great review. I didn't checked the commemts but can you also revier the pixe 7. Thank you.

  8. I’m gonna trade in my IPhone 13 for the Pixel 7 this fall

  9. Great review…I have a zfold 3 and wanted a second phone and was looking to get pixel 6…your review help me to decide. I will be getting the pixel 6

  10. My chat xxx vào (

    7:15 Bao năm phê đá phê cần, không bằng một phút ngồi gần bên em

  11. Every tech reviewer claiming to give pros and cons and act unbiased. Let's be honest, most big reviewers are influenced by corporations regardless. Hard to find legit reviewers who speak truth.

  12. Christian Antley

    I love the time you took to appreciate real tone!

  13. Ivan Anthony Nabong

    Great review! And I would say that you are one of the best tech reviewers around. Explanations are clear and you really do your researches very well. Good job! Keep up the good work!

    Of all phones available for purchase nowadays, you have helped me decide to choose Pixel 6. The biggest factor is that it is priced less than other flagships. Google Tensor chip may not be the best SoC, but, if you combine it with Google's lightweight software UI, which is we all know the original stock Android, we may assure a superb performance!

  14. That Sorta Seafoam may be the most beautiful color Ive ever seen on a phone

  15. Huey John Villanueva

    Is going from samsung note 10 plus (exynos) to google pixel 6(non pro) a good move?

  16. So welcoming. You're like the Rick Steves of tech

  17. the best review i've seen all this while

  18. This is the best pixel 6 review I had seen on YouTube . Very good video that all the doubts are cleared in this video . but sadly pixel 6 isn't launched in my country India

  19. I dunno man. I keep seeing stories about issues plaguing these phones like the fingerprint sensor and failed December update., et al. Really gives me pause. Might be better off getting 6a when it comes out. By then bugs will be ironed out, which seems to be the unintended role of the A aeries.

  20. Some things I've noticed: like others have said, the battery sometimes gets overly warm. Like when I first turned it on and was setting it up it got very hot very fast which concerned me a bit. I decided that maybe it needed to be left to fully charge. After getting a full charge, the battery seemed to stop warming so badly. Still gets warm with lots of usage like gameplay, but doesn't seem any worse than my previous Samsung S8. One thing I'm not a fan of is the navigation of Android 12. The swiping up and holding to get to previews of your open apps and the swipe to the side to go back are annoying. I prefer the straightforward icons on the bottom that give you a button for back, home, and open apps. I'm considering downloading an alternate launcher just for this. I'm also noticing a finicky nature to the touch screen. Some actions and movements it is just not picking up. I turned on One-Handed Mode and it is not working at all. I've noticed it when playing games as well; the touchscreen does not seem as reactive as it should be. So far I'm kind of underwhelmed. I still think my little S8 that's stuck on Android 9 works better. Edit: I finally found the spot in the settings to turn off Gestures that gives me the back, home, and apps buttons I was missing.

  21. Edgar Alejandro Villegas

    With no headphone jack and Micro SD card , the Google Pixel 6 or Google Pix Pro are not the phones for me, I will choose instead either Google 5a or Sony Xperia 1 III or Sony Xperia Pro-I .

  22. Chai ☕️ is spelt ‘Chai’ 😜

  23. Weird I haven't had any problems with my pixel buds and pixel 6

  24. I'm sure someone else probably already chimed in on this, but the Cloudy White is actually two tone. It's just not visible in a all lighting conditions and is certainly not as drastic as their marketing images. Try different rooms in your home and you should see it differently.

  25. This is google first iteration of their own chipset and apple been doing it for 4+ years. I believe pixels will take over.

  26. This is titled pixel 6 review, so why so many mentions of the 6 Pro?

  27. OH SHIT!! Fake comments spam in the comments section… Oh that's bad!

    People kept saying "great review" in the same way and it's literally copy pasting …

    Will now follow this channel anymore.

  28. Darkice Presents

    Coming form the Razer Phoner 2, just ordered the Pixel 6 Pro! Can't wait to get it. The new features like Magic eraser and talk to text is absolutely game changer for me. Google translate baked in is amazing.

  29. Chaudhary Aniket

    Just Love the Pixel

  30. Has anyone had trouble using an external mic for the pixel 6? I've tried 2 different ones and can't get them to work with the phone. I've read many complaints online. That's one huge complaint I have.

  31. I would like to purchase one. But, what angers me is the unavailability of pixel devices in the Philippines. If only there's an official reseller for pixel devices here.

  32. How many of these 'reviews' get their 'free' phone sent by Google to review? They all seem the same and fake. My 4xl is working fine.. why would i spend 1k for a new phone that barely offers anything new?

  33. How do you listen to Spotify when at the gym – it seems the Pixel 6 doesn't have a hole to plug headphones into.

  34. A mad person wouldn't even prefer the girl's picture at 15:25. @15:25 how can you tell iPhone is the best. How? Apple fanboy. In what sense do you prefer iPhone picture @15:25? come on man, don't be foolish, be smart if you want to be biased.

  35. Pixel 6 uses the PPS protocol with PD 3.0 hence the slower speeds without it. You can use Samsung's 45W charger too.

  36. For any normal users .. Pros--unique design, price, software update.. Cons– weak tensor, slippery, slow fingerprint, battery just ok , really get hot No Matter what you DO, .. Btw, I don't use camera that much . I have all the 2021 flag ship phones sitting next to me .

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