Google Pixel 6 vs 6 Pro | Gaming, Camera, Battery – Tested!

Reviewing Google’s Pixel 6 Pro versus the standard Pixel 6, to see which 2021 flagship smartphone is best for you. I’ve been testing the fresh camera tech, gaming chops with Genshin Impact, everyday battery life and more for over a week now. So here’s which Pixel 6 phone you should buy (if any), and check out my unboxing and review for more Google goodness!

The camera is one of the biggest overhauls vs last year’s flagship smartphone, with a new 50MP primary sensor and that Tensor chipset with built-in ISP. The main differences between these Pixel 6 mobiles is the Pro’s telephoto lens, and the slightly upgraded selfie cam.

For performance, the Pixel 6 Pro is also superior when it comes to gaming – although both phones can happily handle any everyday apps and multi-tasking. Battery life is slightly stronger on the Pro but again Google’s standard smartphone can easily last a full day.

The rest of the specs are mostly the same, besides that OLED screen which is QHD+ on the more expensive model. You also get a wider refresh range, from 10-120Hz, vs 60-90Hz on the original Pixel 6.

So that’s how these phones stack up, which one are you more tempted by? Bearing in mind the standard version is £599 while the upgraded model costs £849!

0:00 – Skip this bit
0:35 – Design
2:40 – Android 12 & features
5:12 – Display & audio
7:15 – Performance & gaming
8:42 – Connectivity & battery life
10:01 – Camera test
12:22 – Byyeeeee

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Tiêu đề video: 6 vs 6 Pro | Gaming, Camera, Battery – Tested!

Độ dài: 00:13:12, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-26 20:00:04

Tác giả: Tech Spurt

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  1. hey can you please tell me what that wallpaper is or where it is from

  2. Georgie-Ann Barclay

    Coming from an iPhone 11 I’m wanting RID of apple. I can get the Pixel 6 Pro for a decent deal on an upgrade from sim only so cannot wait until March until I can upgrade!!

  3. I have the non pro version and the phone is alright for gaming it kinda heats up

  4. Where do you get your wallpapers? You always have the coolest wallpapers!

  5. Nice video, answered a lot of my questions about the Google Pixel 6 Pro.
    Sick accent too! Here in Australia we've got the 512 GB but only available with one Telco.

    I want to clarify something, I saw on another review that Google is only doing 3 years of security updates instead of 5.

    Are you able to clarify if it's still 5 years?

  6. I blame apple for normalizing $1000 phones and no adapters for that freakin price

  7. Hi Tech spurt love your videos and review but I'm stuck on what phone to purchase can you please help I'm torn between the Google pixel 6 pro or oppo find X3 or Xiaomi mi 11 I like them all but can't make up my mind I'm disable and house bound so I can't get out to try any of these I'm in the UK and ide really appreciate your help in picking the best phone out of the 3 I've mentioned unless you have a better alternative my budget is around the £600 to £700 pound bracket don't mind if it's
    A refurbished or used I look forward to your reply

  8. Ann and Morgana's wallpaper ❤️

  9. I fucking love this bald guy

  10. Dr Tövar von Brandt

    Ah a weeb reviewer, instant follow

  11. Material You and a lady from Persona 5 is something lol

  12. Brew York is a top watering hole.

  13. GRAS Gaming Rides and Sims

    I'm getting the Pixel 6 Pro.

  14. Only idiots don’t use screen protectors and cases. Really angers me when people don’t and I’ll voice that out loud to there face lmao

  15. Do you have an answer to my question yet? Because the answer depends on whether I get this phone for Christmas or not.

  16. Justin Rivero Vlogs

    I get my Google Pixel 6 Monday

  17. Justin Rivero Vlogs

    Lmao yelled out the f word

  18. Anyone knows what wallpaper there is?

  19. Does anyone know where he gets his wallpapers from? They are always so good

  20. Where do you get your wallpapers from

  21. amn, bli, hdi, wsuli, chand.

    mere liye v vejbado

  22. KyleskillerLemonade

    Man of Culture where you get the wallpaper from?

  23. Love the review style Mr Spurt, but HUGE disappointment after taking delivery of the 6 standard.
    Talk everywhere about the 6 camera coming with wapping 50 megapixel sensor. NOW with it in hand I find out the camera bins those pixels down to give you MAX 12 megapixel photos. Ah well…..

  24. 8:17 I saw it, i want it, that cute white socks paw ☺

  25. What would you say about pixel 6 Vs 4xl?

  26. Google pixel will be my future phone for sure

    Btw let your daughter know she is beautiful 😊

  27. May i know the characters u have on ur screen …please

  28. Take off haptic mode on your Google 6 pro. The battery will last all day long. Long. Take off the vibrating when you push your buttons. The second I change that it's got me 50% more battery life throughout the day

  29. Nice video thanks . I promised myself never to back to a large phone anymore and ended up with the Google Pixel 3. For me the perfect size even handeling everything with one hand is perfect. But the jump to the 6 might be an option and will compare the real life sizes.

  30. If you turn on developer options, you can see FPS of the screen.
    Unfortunately it only flips back and forth from 60 or 120fps. So unless FPS from Pixel developer options are wrong, this does not go as low as 10fps

  31. hey great revew, i was wondering where are you getting your wallpapers, they are super cool!

  32. 4:46 You used the 'M' word!

    Reminded me of Peter Kay.. "Has tha nowt moist?!?!"

  33. I want the curved screen but want it on the 6!

  34. No mention of the different screen resolutions of both phones. Important info for making choices.

  35. ill never understand why curved screens are still a thing going into 2022

  36. 6.7" and they have the balls to name it Pixel 😌😂😭😂😭

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