Google Pixel 6 vs Google Pixel 6 Pro…?

Which do you choose Google Pixel 6 or ?
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Tiêu đề video: Google Pixel 6 vs Google …?

Độ dài: 00:07:00, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-24 23:44:54

Tác giả: Unbox Therapy

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  1. Which do you choose Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro?

  2. You are just promoting least sold version and colour when all others are sold out.

  3. I own a bakery. Can I bring you cookies?

  4. The Latercase just arrived for my Pixel 6 Pro. It is now my favorite case that represents the Pixel 6 very well. It's pure class.

  5. Pixel 6 pro only if it was $150 max diff in price, it's really not that much more phone to justify the huge cost gap. To make matters worse Costco Canada(Black Friday) was giving you the Pixel 6 at 0 down plus $250 Costco Credits, no brainer. Lmao

  6. Are you going to ever review the pixel 6 now that the embargo is lifted?

  7. I was super happy with the decision to make the pixel 6 so affordable without sacrifice. I upgraded from the 5 but I'm actually paying about 20 bucks less a month now.

  8. The regular 6 is the one I’m gonna go with

  9. Help a girl out, the 6 or 6 pro ? iv always been iphone so this is so new to me iv never used a google phone b4.. wats the pros & cons

  10. I appreciate how good the Pixel 6 Pro is, and your positive review of it. But how about the fact that these new phones don't work very well with hearing aids. It's a big problem for us who rely on hearing aids to listen to podcasts, videos and phone calls. Calls. The Pixel 6 Pro is the disaster for anyone with Bluetooth hearing aids. They have always worked with past Pixel phones. And all other phones. But not with the new Pro 6. Let's hope Google fixes this soon, because the phone is otherwise a disaster.

  11. You have the most beautiful design smart phone ever and you stick on that ugly arse cover on it

  12. When’s the second review coming

  13. When are the Later Cases gonna ship for the Pixel 6?????????

  14. I always go for the best! Usually get black, but down for that Cloudy White this year.

  15. The Guy From Walgreens

    Tough call. I’m looking at this as well as the Apple 13 Pro Max, S21 Ultra& (if I can find one)Galaxy Note 20. The only thing that sucks is I’m only finding the 128gb models & that just isn’t enough for me. So is the trade off of a much cheaper like Google phone worth it?

  16. Hey lew don’t u giveaways to subscribers in Pakistan??

  17. What is the case he used at 3:53

  18. Just here looking for your full review

  19. Really liking the new Pixel 6, but definitely looking forward to some added protection. Any eta on shipping of Latercases (ordered early November) for the Pixel 6/6 Pro?

  20. What's the deal with Pixel 6 NOT cropping from 50MP/48MP sensor when taking 2x 3x/8x 10xphoto? why is it cropping from the 12mp binned resolution!!!! Is 50MP/48MP sensors not 50MP/48MP but just 12MP???? why is the image resolution so low at these zoom(1.3MP at 3x 0.5MP at 20x)???

  21. Unbox, you know, 4 or 5 years ago, you reviewed and recommended the one plus 5t and I bought it. I still have the one plus 5t to this day. It has been amazing. I ordered the google pixel 6 the other day and awaiting its arrival. Thank you for you videos.

  22. Regrets on buying the Pixel 6 Pro
    I purchased it primary for the 50 MP camera, but it's only 9.1 MP, not 50
    At full resolution, the photos are only 4032 x 2268

    Google support tells me:
    "I'd like to inform you that it is working as intended. Device is built in that way and there is no Hardware or software error on this. Not all photos may need all the 48 megs to capture an image since there are multiple lens on the device"

    False, misleading & fraudulent advertising
    A camera marketed, promoted & sold as 50 MP is only delivering 9.1 MP

    I requested my complaint be escalated to Google Legal department, waiting to hear back

  23. Yall talk too much nonsense and non related stuff, was cringing half the video

  24. Pixel 6 is the better deal
    90hz with the superb stock android software is already smooth enough
    4x zoom is not important unless there's a 10x zoom periscope

  25. Please give me gaming phone 😭😭🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  26. I like the firm factor of the 6 but need the larger display for my eyes. 6pwo

  27. Pixle 6 pwo, with a wittle wadda?

  28. Looking forward to the camera comparison between the 2 models!

  29. If the pro didn't have curved glass I would buy it without even a thought But it does have curved glass so I will be buying the standard pixel 6 because I can't stand curve glass

  30. “I know what case imma slap on itttt” -love it.

  31. Storage and battery life are why I would likely choose the pro.

  32. Lew, when are you gonna make a later case for the Samsung S20 Fe? Voted best bang for your buck. Its literally voted #1 on suggestions for your website every week, but no love…Come on man!

  33. Really enjoyed the short B-roll shots

  34. I have been using the 5 and the 6 arrived on my doorstep Saturday. It's only been 2 days but I have to say it's unweildy and hard to hold. I'm 6'2" tall with huge hands and I can't grasp it well. It doesn't fit in my pockets. It REQUIRES two hands to do anything other than doomscroll.

    The 5 just feels so much better in my hand. I'm going to give it a week to try to get used to, but it honestly I'm strongly suspecting I'm going to return it and keep using my 5.

  35. Md. Hamidur Rahman Khan

    Why can't you just go straight to the point?
    Just unsubscribed you. 7 minutes of video and no useful info.

  36. $300 over 3-4 years (2 at minimum??) isn't a big deal.

  37. Everything else aside, is pixel 6 pro worth it over pixel 6 just for its ultra-wide selfie camera?

  38. I bought the pixel 6 pro. I have noticed an issue. During a call, When I put the phone to my right ear, the sound is fine. But when I put it in my left ear the voice drops quite a bit. Almost 50%. Google sent me a replacement phone, and that had the same issues. My left ear is working fine, just in case you are wondering. My friends tried it too. Same issue. Does anyone else have the same issue?

  39. Wow those protective cases are ugly AF. (fake carbon fibre)

  40. C'mon, we all know, the ugliest cases are the Lata cases. Especially with the cameras. Absolutely hideous cases.

  41. HARI KTISHNAN EDAMPADAM D҉a҉m҉a҉k҉e҉y҉

    Please kindly send me a phone 🙏

  42. Bro can you send me pixel 6 If you not use it. I am a huge pixel fan from india.

  43. Ronnie Westmoreland

    For me I went with the pixel 6. I couldn’t see giving $300 more for 30 hz more, 4 gb more of RAM, a slightly taller display and bigger battery. Both look great for the price though.

  44. You should get the camera guy a gimbal

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