Tottenham, Arsenal, Man City, and Chelsea have all made significant signings in this transfer window. The Premier League title race is going to be electric as players such as Raheem Sterling, Erling Haaland and all look to take their team to the title.

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Độ dài: 00:29:02, Ngày đăng: 2022-07-21 22:34:39

Tác giả: Rory Jennings

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTLIz9Wn_Gk

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  1. Who do you think has won the transfer window?

  2. "ben white is rubbish" have you watch an Arsenal game?

  3. Listening to Rory talk about Ordegard, you'd think he's a scientist analyzing football.

  4. I find it funny that they praise Mane now he’s left. Salah is lauded so much. At an Arsenal Mane would have be glorified for some his dominance. Liverpool fans will learn that yes Liverpool are special but so was Mane and lauded Salah more. Liverpool fans even said he didn’t deserve a Bal on dor but Salah did. It’s almost as bad as the Arsenal board saying however true that the Pepe deal was not worth the money paid. lol.

  5. Prasoon Manandhar

    Rory Chelsea fan but lives off arsenal content 😂

  6. spurs sign relegation battle players and a championship player, aswell as a 33 year old from the serie A but arsenal sign 2 players from man city and have the ligue 1 young poty returning and spurs win it? come on

  7. Arsenal signed two known players, the rest you have too search YouTube in order to have an idea of what their about, so no Arsenal haven't had the best window so far, Haaland by himself is bigger than Jesus & Zinchenko combined

  8. Ben white is clearly arsenals best defender, I have no clue how people don’t see that

  9. Won the transfer window how exactly … two good players the rest are nobody’s.

  10. Wouter Vandenhove

    I don't agree with a few things, first of all City have made their opposition a lot stronger by selling three players to top 4 rivals that are good enough for their own starting 11. Now we all know that it probably will play out for them but I see them losing against Chelsea and drawing against Arsenal very easily and Jesus and Sterling will be playing a big part in that. On the other hand I think Haaland is a much better transfer for city than Jesus is for Arsenal. You know Pep will play Haaland a lot more than Jesus and that alone says enough to me about the quality that they add to the squad.

  11. jamesjamesjsmes

    these man are clueless

  12. background is giving me motion sickness haha

  13. Arsenal was gonna do what they did regardless of what Tottenham did or when. And four or five months into the season there’s a World Cup that’s going to disrupt everything.

  14. The distain of arsenal is hilarious

  15. Arsenal fan here – if we signed who spurs signed everyone would be laughing at us. For them to be lauded and us to be criticised is ridiculous – we’ve added Saliba (best u21 CB in the world) Jesus Zinchenko and Fabio Vieira who is an extremely exciting prospect to our squad. Rory said he can’t see the project – sorry mate get your eyes checked and watch the game where we battered you 4-0. That style of play is there for you to see if you don’t want to be ignorant.

  16. What is winning the transfer window ? Are we looking for new trophies for Spurs now? You know you have won the transfer window when you win a trophy.

  17. Jesus and Zinchenko are the smartest and best value signings of the window.

  18. UHHMM who cares about the top 4. The original title is 'Have arsenal won the transfer window. That includes all PL teams not the top 4. The answer is no. It is out of Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest.

  19. Rory chats a lot of shit about arsenal doesn’t he

  20. Bloke talking about Liverpool and city – How many games did Liverpool and City win against spurs last season…

  21. The hate for city here and elsewhere is so obv 😂 but it’s because we’re doing all of the right things. People are really saying we are weaker because we let Jesus and sterling go? Everyone is sleeping on Julian Alvarez who’s a workhorse and can finish and play as a striker and winger. He can play with or instead of halaand and we have palmer coming through so we have a sterling replacement already. We have grealish who will also bang this year. If you look at his underlying creativity numbers you’ll see he just needs a striker to finish his chances and look what happened against Bayern the other day, perfect example. People are just jealous 😂 Rory loves the sound of his own voice always trying to say something smart when he’s just not that guy…. He said it himself he didn’t see lukaku failing yet everyone else did. I’m not even trying to be rude but I think people need to humble their self and stop hating on us when their team is struggling and their managers are having a breakdown. Stop hating man… get a job, get a life😂😂

  22. Trailer Film Studios

    We defo had the best transfers (Arsenal) people saying Jesus is average lmao ..will see! 4 goals in 3 games.

  23. "have arsenal won the transfer window?" *spends half the video talking about spurs….. bit sus

  24. Our midfield options are bissouma, Hojbjerg, bentancur and skipp I think we're well stacked in that position and we're also looking to bring in a james maddison. Very strong in midfield.

  25. I haven't watched this video yet but the title is "Have Arsenal won the transfer window".. when a month ago you put out a video saying Arsenal are rubbish and Spurs were making more moves when I said it was premature to talk about that only a day into the transfer window opening 😂

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