Hong Jong Hyun Can't Ignore Kim So Yeon [Mother of Mine Ep 48]

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Tiêu đề video: Can't Ignore Kim So Yeon [ Ep 48]
Độ dài: 00:01:49, Ngày đăng: 2019-06-26 06:26:25

Tác giả: KOCOWA TV

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnlt79PAbU4

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  1. Among all dramas, this is role I like the most… 🥰

  2. He is more important than feel attached with her.

  3. So does that one woman know that that's her daughter or does she not know yet? But the good thing about their relationship is that at least he can say with confidence that she loved him before knowing who he was she loved him for the real him and not for his family's name or his wealth and that's the problem because even and says that's a thing they always say oh these poor girls want to marry Rich guys but even some of the wealthy people you know they're not as wealthy as his family or they're secretly starting to go bankrupt and they're willing to do more indecent things to make sure they snatch a wealthy Med than a poor girl so honestly if he would have got married to someone from his social status he would have never known if they really loved him or if they just loved his family's name in the power that comes with it

  4. So in reality he has this kind of I'm king of the world personality with a lot of confidence that's what she didn't understand how he had the nerve to question certain things are going up to certain people without putting his head down but she just don't want maybe he's better than me because some people that aren't wealthy do have that confidence but see because what her mother did she doesn't she scared like if I'm not good enough people might have banded me again and you know the sad thing is that even though her mother abandoned her she still had a good heart and with good towards the people who raised her and what I don't understand is her mother took off and married into that wealthy family so she never had any other children after abandoning her daughter you think she would have wanted to secure her position but usually people say that it's a psycho problem like their bodies fine and they can get pregnant but it's because of like a gill some people that do children die they have that problem too and then what's funny to me is that there's some people that you don't try to get rid of a pregnancy or whatever and that child survives and then years later they get pregnant with this baby they want to keep because it's to someone important but they need and one little false move that they do and boom they lose it yet with the other kid that they felt oh now I don't want it because I want to someone wealthy and they do all these awful things to their body to get rid of it and then it survives well it means that that child has that will to live but anyways I just don't understand when these women finally move up in the world why do they treat other women that were in their position at one time so awful

  5. Im watching this after Penthouse and it is funny how im like at every sec wow she is good at acting like it is unbelievable. She is pretty💗💗

  6. 사랑하면서 도 안그런척!
    아무리 냉정할려고 애쓰지만..사랑하는 마음은 절제 하기 어려운듯…

  7. I love the fact that they were both on WGM too 😭 married to different ppl tho lol


  9. so from the beginning he was her boss?? 😂😍

  10. You should have been like that to Yoona in King Loves. 😢

  11. Nam chính nhìn không đẹp lắm. Mắt cứ như bị lác ý

  12. Omg this is my fav series

  13. Даша Прищеп

    Как называется дорама пожалуйста скажите???

  14. He is deeply in love with her ❤️♥️♥️

  15. 好看、喜歡男女主角♥💜❤~

  16. Hug her; and never let her go. You won't find better.

  17. israt jahan joya

    I love the actress.

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