How will Princess Mako’s exit affect Japan’s royal family?

Princess Mako of Japan, the 30-year-old niece of Emperor Naruhito, married her college sweetheart, , on Oct. 26. Under Japanese law, female members of the royal family must give up their titles and leave the palace if they marry a commoner. Men are not subject to this restriction. The women who exit the family cannot return, even if they get a divorce, and their male children lose their chance at reigning. There is now just one heir to the throne, Prince Hisahito, who is Mako’s brother. Read more: Subscribe to on YouTube:

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Tiêu đề video: How will Princess Mako’s exit affect Japan’s royal family?

Độ dài: 00:05:20, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-26 15:15:14

Tác giả: Washington Post

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  1. Well Japan has always had a track record for cutting off nose to spite its face. The country and its people DID EVERYTHING THEY COULD to prevent that poor woman from getting married to the man she loved. in the END hell she LEFT LEFT her country. That should be a WAKE up call for JAPAN AND ITS PEOPLE. So i say CONGRATS👏!!! MAKO. and to yours. Live life well YOUR TERMS!!

  2. And God for bid anything happened to the boy not get it you know wishing anything bad to happen but Japanese are not known for having large families

  3. Kei Komuro and previous princess Mako now live in central NY very luxury residence with Akishino-miya’s imperial big support, even existing shopping support Clark for them,
    rent fee is almost same as Kei’s unqualified Law Clark salary.
    How can that be? Why Mako have such a huge money and status if she gave up her status and the special give up Royal status bonus.

  4. Highly unfair so men can marry commoners and women can’t .

  5. I feel very sad that the Japanese people who oppose this marriage are misunderstood.
    Due to the following facts that English news does not report, we Japanese learned of Kei's repeated lies.
    Because of that, we objected him to become a relative of our Imperial Family (the symbol of Japan; existing by the trust, respect, and taxes from people):

    When this money problem between Kei's mother and her ex-fiance was discovered (2017), Kei was asked by Akishino (Mako's father), which he replied "I didn't know about this at all."
    However, Kei himself joined the meeting about this money problem with his mother and her ex-fiance, then recorded the conversation (2012).
    Kei, who was ordered to explain to the public by Akishino, created "Komuro Document" by quoting only a part of the recorded data and published it (April 2021). He turned the ex-fiance into a liar, claimed it was not a debt but a gift.
    Immediately after that, the ex-fiance submitted all the recorded data, then we found out that Kei was a liar.
    Only four days after Komuro Document was released, Kei changed his attitude and announced his intention to pay the settlement fee.
    However, after that, though the ex-fiance proposed a discussion for the settlement fee, Kei kept refusing it and ignoring him.
    Six months after the announcement of the intention of the settlement fee, Kei forced the marriage without solving anything (October 2021).
    At the press conference immediately after the marriage (October 26, 2021), Kei said, "Occasionally, my mother and I have expressed to her ex-fiance our gratitude." "I received a positive response from him regarding the negotiations."
    However, the ex-fiance later announced "There is no such fact in either case."
    After getting married, Kei finally met him just before he went to the United States and "agreed to pay a settlement fee" (November 2021), but the source of the money is not disclosed.

    In addition, Mako announced at the press conference after marriage that "I let Kei do that to his mother's ex-fiance since 2017."

    Also, Kei got a job at a high-end bank in Tokyo (although he quit it soon), entered a national graduate school, studied abroad in New York with a grant (Only one student can get the scholarship at Fordham University, but Kei didn't pass the bar exam though many of his classmates passed), and lived in New York for years.
    These unfair and costly lifestyle was helped by Akishino (through his friends).

    On the other hand, the ex-fiance ran out of money due to Kei's studying abroad at UCLA (2012) and the numerous luxurious demands by Kei's mother, he became unable to pay his mortgage and sold his house and car. He is now still working for a living in his 70s.

    About Kei's mother, she commits Survivor's pension fraud and Sickness/Injury benefits fraud. But the police doesn't investigate her though they arrest other people for the same crimes.

    These unfairness and abuse of power by the Imperial Family violate the Constitution of Japan.
    We Japanese have lost a great deal of trust and respect for our Imperial Family in the last few years.
    We feel hopeless the Imperial line will be moved to the Akishino family after the current Emperor retires.

  6. How bad is it to treat female unfairly. Their parents could have said in their hearts as soon as the girl child was born “ such an unfortunate kiddo.” Youll gonna marry but cannot be a Princess. If you want to be one, youll gonna be a lonely Princess forever. What a foolish ideology!

  7. They should buy house side by side with Prince Harry

  8. Good for the princess. I'm happy she will get to live a normal life

  9. Waldemar Marchesi

    One less monarch living off to people for free .

  10. Happiness to them both !

  11. Princesses are not born. You become one when, for your beliefs, you turn down a million-dollar settlement and wheel your own suitcase to a foreign country.

  12. Why should I care? We need to work on a mass exodus at home before we care about someone else’s business.

  13. They are NOTHING like Harry and Meghan. This Japanese couple are not money and fame hungry They actually love each other.

  14. Riggedelections Childrenrnotlabrats

    F your global news.

  15. Lol she will regret it later!

  16. Sofa king unusual

    They’ll still make TVs and game stations.

  17. When your only job is to make babies and you cant even do that. For your family and nations honor. Pathetic. This is why rotal families no longer rule. They are all infertile and inbred freaks

  18. Why cant royal couplea have more kids. Are they infertile or what? That's literaly their only job is to have sex and make babies. Pathetic royal families. This is why the royal families around the world lost power, because they cant make babies.

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