iPhone User Tries Pixel 6 Pro…

The Pixel 6 Pro vs the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the obvious comparison to make. As an iPhone user I have some thoughts, both positive and negative, about the Pixel 6 Pro.

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Tiêu đề video: iPhone User Tries Pixel 6 Pro…

Độ dài: 00:10:37, Ngày đăng: 2021-11-04 04:30:58

Tác giả: DailyTekk

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4OCeZx2XTU

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  1. i switched from iphone 12 pro max to pixel 6 pro. wish i did it earlier. amazing phone

  2. It's rare to see objective examination about pixel 6 image quality.

  3. Ace Lucero Tech

    The biggest turn off about Google is not knowing when they are going to kill off a great service.

  4. Rubbish finger print sensor and weak rebadged exynos processor from 2020 …. No thanks

  5. Why do youtubers think that we are buying the for their cameras only

  6. Raine Francisco

    I upgraded December 31, 2021 for a Pixel 6 Pro coming from iPhone 11 Pro, returned it today January 3, 2022. The rear camera is great, selfie camera? meh its so grainy, disappointing fingerprint ID doesn’t work most of the time. Battery is drains so fast. Just not as reliable.

  7. I bought a pixel 6 pro last week. I've been using apple products since the Newton back in 1996. The jury is still out. The text messaging app is strange. There are settings all over the place. The OS seem kinda spammy. I don't need notifications about what Kanye said about Kim. We will see. On the other hand I don't want apple going through my stuff. It's a dilemma.

  8. Christian De Leo

    It may make you laugh but..
    I just dropped the 6pro for the IPhone 13 pro..
    The difference between the 2 devices is massive.
    PS: I switched to IOS from Android..
    Easier to set up and use.. IOS just works

  9. Игорь Белоусов

    Wow that's my hometown, Kyiv, at 5:26 😍

  10. longingbydesign

    Try using FaceID when your phone is flat on the desk. Try using FaceID when your phone is in landscape position. Try using FaceID when wearing a mask (not everyone also buys into Apple's 700 $ smart watch). The iPhone you have to pick up or reposition alot more often than the Pixel. On-screen FP reader is just the superior approach in many situations. That being said, the reader really could be faster. The real main drawback on the Pixel is its lack of a macro mode in the cameras, another one is the phone is far too slippery to be used without a case.

  11. Fazal Musthafa🦋

    I use the p6pro my secondary device is iphone12

  12. I didn't like the fingerprint sensor till I read that people used multiple copies for the same finger. I have 3 for my thumb and 2 for my index finger and it unlocks incredibly fast with a firm press.

  13. While fingerprint sensor is good to have but it's always an auxiliary option when compared with faceid login it's next level and why do google fell back on only fingerprint sensor God knows I use pixel 4 xl which is superb on faceid and lidar sensors it's likely when someone like google progresses on next level technology some nasty critics hold them back saying why can't google do like Samsung or apple common so called critics we don't want Samsung or apple mobiles with Google covers we want manufacturers come up with their own traits and technologies

  14. It baffles me Google didn't bring over Face ID from the Pixel 4 XL. I recently upgraded from that to the 6 Pro and was use to the Face ID and don't like the on screen finger print. Other than that, I like everything else

  15. At least google is bundling in a case for free, whereas apple had never ever included a case.

  16. This felt like one of the most honest thought video I've seen in a long time. Really enjoyed this video, this is YouTube done right

  17. Andreas Persson

    The video recording that the pixel produced is unacceptable

  18. Serial Killers Documentaries

    The magic eraser is gone for me since the last update. They removed it and added 3 new things I don't use. Also, the fingerprint sensor is crap for me…I wanted to order one for my wife as well, for Christmas, but I went ahead and ordered the 13 Pro for her. Pixel 6 is not bad, but it's not incredible either. It's not really a reason to switch from iPhone or something. I suggest you get the non-pro version. It does the same thing, basically, minus one telephoto camera and some more hertz (30) on your display. I'll probably sell mine in early 2022 and go back to iPhone, or when the 14 shows up.

  19. i dont know why people have to criticize the cover that provided with the phone..its free. it might save your from scratch before u buy a fancy cover. People buy good covers anyway. Iphone doesn’t give anything free. charges big amount for their very ok-ok back covers..but no one talks about it.

  20. great video ! Did you change the icon size ? They seem so big on your P6P. And if so, how did you do that ?

  21. Why would an iPhone person test a google phone?????? Not gonna happen!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Mark Hainsworth

    For fingerprint… Increase touch sensitivity in settings… Re set your thumb print

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