Lifelong iPhone User Switches to Google Pixel 6 Pro

Watch my 3 Months Later Video:

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I switched to the Pro and today I’m going to be sharing my honest review of using this Android phone after over two weeks of using it.

🎥 (Part 1) Switching from iPhone to 6 Pro:

🎥 The BEST Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Accessories:

⏩ Skip to these time stamps
0:00 Intro
0:57 What I LOVE
1:00 Voice Typing
1:58 Live Translation
2:14 Google Call Screening
4:03 Brightness
4:24 Multitasking
4:48 Notifications
5:45 Battery Life
7:06 Quick Erase
7:57 Price
8:31 Differences & Cons
8:39 Camera
10:03 the Chip
10:35 Google Pay
14:05 Unlocking
15:00 Typing & Other Bugs


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–SMPOST–2 Weeks after I switched to Pixel 6! This is my honest review of using this Android phoneb

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Tiêu đề video: Lifelong iPhone User Switches to Google Pixel 6 Pro

Độ dài: 00:18:39, Ngày đăng: 2021-11-17 20:59:50

Tác giả: Pete Matheson

Link gốc:

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  1. anyone who didn't knew the spacebar mouse feature like me? XD

  2. Most of you don't have kids
    Me: I am one

  3. Pete switching from an iPhone 12 maybe should I switch to p6p or S22 ultra ?!

  4. thanks sir if i buy this from dubai with international version of it can i get the warranty also? pls reply TIA🙏

  5. Bro you’re an iphone sheep. Iphone gets many things wrong

  6. Veeranki Family

    I'm confused bro iPhone 12 or google pixel 6 ? In 2022

  7. Georgie-Ann Barclay

    I’m on iPhone11 rn and I’ve pre ordered Samsung S22+ I cannot wait!!

  8. I am happy with my 129$ phone
    And it's being 2 year's I use it.
    Maybe we don't need too expensive phone for our day to day life

  9. Brandon Sheppard

    I miss the lock screen I had on my LG phone. It was animated to show if it was raining or snowing. No matter what the picture was on there

  10. How is the screen holding up as far as scratches go? I'm think about switching to pixel 6 pro from the Samsung galaxy s9 my s9 has small and deeper scratches due to using a book case cover with my credit card and drivers license in it. But my s9 has corning gorilla glass 5 and the pixel 6 pro has Victus which is better.

    Pls let me know how its holding up and if i should get a screen protector or not

  11. Switched from my 12 pro … loving it so far as every iphone i bought felt the same

  12. Mateo J Buteler

    Google Assistant always misspells it as "runee" or something

  13. February 8th can confirm bugs are still there
    camera takes great pictures without the oversaturation you find in samsung phones
    speakers are loud and clear
    fingerprint reader is terrible
    screen edges are too sensitive
    worst phone for gaming the screen is too sensitive

  14. I got the Google Pixel 6 and loved it so much I bought a 6 Pro a week later, my favorite phone EVER.

  15. Menios Constandinou

    I have a iPhone 13 pro
    Thinking to go with pixel I was going to wait out for the s22 ultra but I don’t think it’s going to be any different compared to s21 ultra

  16. Cory Ball-gonzalez

    My iPhone 12 has been very buggy lately and non responsive so I ordered the pixel 6. I’ve been a lifelong apple user but they are just releasing the same product over and over. I’m excited for my pixel!

  17. For Finger Print there is one trick…just add the same finger for 2…3 times than see the magic..booommmm💥💥

  18. Should I cop the pro 6 or wait for the 7pro?

  19. Pixel 6 pro is horrible as far as the camera goes. It keeps crashing my phone even after the update

  20. Literally 1st time I have ever made a comment on youtube and i'm 32! But as a fella who is beyond stoked for his pixel 6 coming in the mail tomorrow and watching your video it was a much needed fix for my mental wellbeing! After obsessing over on reddit and well.. frankly being overun with negativity over the phone this video just put me back in my happy place which im sure at the end of the day there's nothing to worry about. So ya.. Really enjoyed your review of the phone and think it was very rational points whether positive or negative from your time spent with it. ps>> I dont wanna come off negative but sir my eye started twitching when you where showing us the fingerprint unlock and you kept tryin to activate it on the border! 🙂

  21. Dude, you covered all the elements I haven’t found someone else cover. All YouTube/web is full of is the same spec sheet reviews, they’re totally useless but the fact you covered how bright the screen is at night was brilliant, its the small things! You’ve done your bit for the industry with this video!!

  22. What's the app you use to send imessage on android?

  23. George Sgurescu

    Add the same fingerprint 2 or 3 times (as separate fingerprints) and see if it improves. It work for me with the Samsung Note 10.

  24. lmao, when you said hey goole it turned on my phone and home devices.

  25. Xperience Pureness

    Google Pixel series is very well known as one of the most buggy phones in the Andoid community, if you buy new phone every 2 or 3 years then it will be better to buy Android phone from other brand because you will get better experience in daily use.

  26. I was a lifelong iPhone user. Just switched from the 12 pro max to the pixel 6 pro. I love Google’s new phone.

  27. Luís Felipe De Paula

    Wallpaper link?

  28. I actually like the word to speech thing too because it actually works exactly how you wanted to and exactly how it needs to be except for for my issue like there is not the correct punctuation. I am actually speaking as I am doing this.
    But like you said in the video that is also a minor issue.

  29. I use pixel 6 pro and iPhone 13 pro max for work. Give me the pixel 6 pro any day. It's better in every way. I'm fed up with iPhone users slamming android phones. In fairness using both android is better

  30. Not hatting but I notice a lot of iPhone stereotypes, like having better battery and everything. An example is him talking about 120hz, like its (on par with pro motion) just the way its said sounds like its supposed to be industry leading, not hating great review.

  31. Very well made video mate. Best review I've seen yet on the pixel 6 pro.

  32. Great vid as always man from the uk 🇬🇧 I’m currently using the 13 pro max but this pixel 6 pro looks amazing I do love my android devices too and if I was going to change again this phone would be it .

  33. "The first flagship phone in quite a few years." Yet they've released a new Pixel Flagship phone (Not the A series) the last 3 years 🧐???

  34. My guy is living in 2007, still rocking the Mohawk 😆

  35. I just like the Google photos unlimited storage

  36. When you talk about price, with apple you are getting, no hassle returns, fixes and tutorials. With google, you are the product. Google is harvesting your data. For me, my data is worth much more than £899. Still all points are valid and a solid review.

  37. Dollar Scratchoff

    Should I switched from my IPhone XR to the Pixel 6 Pro 🤔

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