“My Son Was Spotted By Arsenal!” | Inside AFTV Ft. Robbie

“My Son Was Spotted By Arsenal!” | Inside AFTV Ft. Robbie

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Tiêu đề video: “My Son Was Spotted By Arsenal!” | Inside AFTV Ft. Robbie

Độ dài: 00:21:51, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-28 04:00:33

Tác giả: AFTV

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2pdPVcduUA

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  1. “I said to the Watford guy yeah cheers mate!” HAHA

  2. The boy has done good.. respect Robbie .. 🙏

  3. Anthony Mapanda

    The intro song is excellent

  4. Yup big up the Caribbean pioneers and nicely done Cecil

  5. Great to listen to Robbie.. he’s a genuine guy..

  6. not watched but I presume Dobbie Liars son was spotted knicking stuff out of the Armoury.

  7. big up Robbie and Cecil. It does exist in American sports especially in the NHL. Its just pushed under the rug. Shameful

  8. Prasoon Manandhar

    Such a great show… @aftv has gold contents..

  9. The real side of Robbie … father to father big up your dam self Don Robbie!!!

  10. Nice Robbie, big up our parents!👊🏾

  11. Don wish your son best of luck and all the best 😁✌🏾

  12. Such a humble man when we all know he can get a place for his son just by making one phone call yet he doesn't let the fame get him and teaching his son work ethics and how to work way up

  13. so happy for u n son keep up that gd work ur doing every man's dream fpr there boy

  14. Hermen P D A Rocha

    Keep up the good work 💼 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  15. Imagine the dons son getting a red card for a two footer on Greenwood and troops going crazy on aftv after 😂😂😂

  16. Little Lyle future of Arsenal

  17. Zammy ‘BusDriver&TrainLover’ Martínez

    Good watch this👌🏽

  18. He's gonna need Troopz as a personal coach.

  19. Don Junior must be super talented!

  20. The young kids are talented

  21. Yes don robbie is a true father making sure he backs his son taking him all over the country to play football

  22. No no no it's still in boxing and other spots but you don't watch it as much as football that's why it's not gone it's done in different ways facts

  23. Cecil, i rate you highly but when listening to podcasts nothing is more frustrating than the host saying “yeh, mmmm” etc after every sentence. Just listen

  24. Project Mbappe 💪🏽

  25. The fury if YouTubers hound him like you lot do and have done.

  26. Weekend predictions
    Leicester city 1:2 Arsenal
    Burnley 1:3 Brentford
    Watford 1:2 Southampton
    Liverpool 4:0 Brighton
    Man City 2:2 Crystal Palace
    Newcastle 0:3 Chelsea
    Tottenham 2:0 Manchester United
    Norwich 0:2 Leeds
    Aston Villa 0:2 West ham
    Wolves 1:1 Everton

  27. Ah yes, get cosy, get chill, put on your slippers and pour yourself some straight vodka in a mug.. Because that all made sense..

  28. Dub so big the don brought Arsenal for his son as a toy

  29. Don Robbie JR soon mak it big

  30. One of your best shows AFTV!

  31. This is why he is The Don.

  32. May I ask what happened to All Guns Blazing Podcast?

  33. Big up Cecil and Robbie. Really enjoyed that!

  34. Since we are living Robbie's life, I wanna know, how often does Robbie pee daily?

  35. Don Kaleb rtg to the prem

  36. Jeffrey Mathews

    Don says no pressure on the kid but drives all the way to Birmingham and say yo you better make it

  37. These parents are called helicopter parents – the most annoying thing for coaches and the kids, too.

  38. If u want him to be any good tell him to not join

  39. Dru Gunners 1985

    No one's surprised the amount of ass kissing this channel does for the club

  40. Big up the don 👏🏽 All the best for your son 🙌🏼

  41. Sees Cecil….. skips vid

  42. Never wear socks with flip flops

  43. Nice interview Robbie. Great to know you a bit more.

  44. As a Hungarian I feel embarrassed for some of our fans. Robbie I hope you know it's only a small group of people and most of us deeply condemn that sort of behavior.

  45. RaZeyLWindBladE

    It's not just the parents, fans in the stadium sometimes do that as well. And it's hard for the coaches to tell the players not to listen to the fans when essentially, players play FOR the fans.

  46. It’s not always football…

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