NO WAY Carragher said this about CHELSEA! Goldbridge Reacts

Jamie Carragher has gone in on Chelsea whilst on Sky Sports and Mark .

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Tiêu đề video: NO WAY Carragher said this about CHELSEA! Goldbridge Reacts

Độ dài: 00:11:18, Ngày đăng: 2022-03-15 18:17:33

Tác giả: Mark Goldbridge That’s

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  1. Mark Goldbridge That's Football

    Maybe watch the video before chucking in comments before you've watched it. The bitterness is clear from Carragher if you watch the video. Because he's the hypocrite

  2. jake taylor songs

    The Southhampton situation has been clear for years that's how they made revenue, developing players and moving them on

  3. You talk with clear intentions no sentiments.

  4. Blessings mark! Remember it was liverpool fans who came out and said chelsea ruined football when Roman took over? Yeah its in their blood they're bitter lots!!!

  5. Chelsea have hired managers and players for years, have they? I'm stunned.

  6. Love how United fans say glazers are bad yet they’ve spent just as much as anyone over the last decade! Literally spent big on varane and sancho last summer and got Ronaldo back! Spent big on Bruno in Jan, spent big on full backs, spent big on mata, Fred and matic! Spent huge on maguire! Stop pretending they’re the only issue

  7. Goldbridge i dont agree with you on this. Caragher is dead wrong! This is pure bitterness. And hes in my wrong book cos of this

  8. Man United end up with Rogers or Big Sam..

  9. Robertolioski Woodenskiolio

    U 4got rickie lambert lol

  10. Nobody outside of Chelsea has even heard Abramovich speak, all experts now. Abramovichs father is Ukrainian , mother is Belarusian … Carragher is just a bitter little man, with a nasty demeanour and limited. controversial

  11. Christine Watts

    As a Chelsea fan, not interested in what Carragher or Neville think about my club

  12. Very good video, I’m a Chelsea fan and your unbiased common sense based view is very refreshing. You deffo earned my sub

  13. Jamie carragher shouldn’t be working for sky sports. He’s such a biased pundit. Garry Neville is so professional and much more unbiased. Jamie carragher is so biased

  14. Stamford bridge is way too small for a mega team like Chelsea. Even Newcastle have a bigger stadium. I think the most importan thing for the new owner to do is to build a new stadium with at least twice the capacity of Stamford Bridge.

  15. Everyone has bitterness against Chelsea, Horrible fans and a club built on murder.

  16. You contradicted urself buddy ftr love ur stuff keep it comming but you stated liverpool took players from southampton while they were building a great team then say no players go unless they want to 🤔

  17. Jamie carragher is just a foolish pundits and always opening mouth 👄 talking nonsense.He is never talk about Liverpool attitude with other club,He is childish and selfish.He called Everton players disgrace under lampard and the boys went and win Newcastle with 10 man.He really a coward.

  18. Good man Roman and don’t forget that the Russian KGB are only civil servants like in any other country.

  19. You should be on sky, you put your points across bloody well

  20. when has chelses snatched a manager from a club?

  21. Carragher should also mention how Liverpool has been fined twice for trying to steal Stoke academy players and hacking Man city academy recruitment scheme

  22. come on guys Tuchel would never join man utd ,he`s already declared his love for the club. its just wont happen.

  23. Chelsea fans has to understand that genoside and steeling players are is not to be tolerated, unless they want to be complicid.

  24. Liverpool are reasonably well run… Oh Mark lol

  25. Godlive Opoku-Duah

    Thank you. I'm glad someone sees it the way it is. Carragher is riddled with bitterness.

  26. Just ignore Carragher. He is a pig who spits on children, and was also a joke of a player, search zola vs carragher and you’ll see exactly what i mean

  27. It’s way too premature. Chelsea is a much more promising job than United right now, and unless the new owners are really horrible, I don’t see that changing too much in the short term. Manchester United have bigger fish to fry than to try to poach a coach from a better PL team

  28. Grow a spine Mark! Take the entire squalid mess if it upsets one single Chelsea fan. Petition to have them thrown out of the English leagues – sue them for all the cheating. Stop being such an apologist for the worst things in football.

  29. andreas jalkander

    Well said mark, as a chelsea fan I love your content!

  30. I’m a cfc fan and it’s basically just the way of the world that if you’re club is in trouble the sharks will circle.

  31. they chose to go cause of money…….

  32. Macedonia💖Alexander

    We hypocrites wow

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