Penalty Shootout | Villarreal vs. Manchester United | Europa League Final | UCL on CBS Sports

The Final between Villarreal and Manchester United ended in dramatic fashion with an EPIC penalty shootout.

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Tiêu đề video: Penalty Shootout | Villarreal vs. Manchester United | Europa League Final | UCL on CBS Sports

Độ dài: 00:06:26, Ngày đăng: 2021-05-27 07:35:07

Tác giả: CBS Sports Golazo

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  1. Why wasnt Reynaldo here???

  2. King of Europa Cup won again with 3rd club

  3. Pens are hard to take, apart from those first 20

  4. If De Gea was more confident in himself he would’ve scored that, as soon as I saw the fear in his eyes I knew he wouldn’t score

  5. Safe to say that if these keepers have a penalty to stop. It's going in 🤣

  6. I thought Villarreal would fold in overtime after playing a brutal final league game vs Real Madrid four days prior to this game. Real was playing for the league and Villarreal to qualify for Europa if they did not win this final. They were on a mission. Congrats to the team and their 50k fans in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

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  8. De Gea & Rulli with near Sunday-League level form on these attempted saves. out of the 10 & 11 shots for each team, I counted at least 2 (for each GK) that 100% should have been saved. Both began their sequence flat-footed and relied purely on the direction of the ball to guide where they should dive to. At this level, players hit the ball too hard to be able to get away with that. All professional goalkeepers watch tape of where their opponents place their penalty kicks, so unless they take a risk and change it up, committing to diving the right way early is tenfold more effective than waiting for the plant foot to set. Secondly, on the ground ball shots, each GK took a leading step then launched their body up in the air and backward (completely defeating the purpose of a lead step) to try to react to the path of the ball and ended up missing each time. Every young goalkeeper is taught on PKs to push the lead hand down and out with the trailing hand close to the face in case of a high shot that needs deflection, but both Rulli & De Gea moved their hands in tandem up towards the top corner and had to readjust to get down. It's much harder to save a ground ball than a high flier when your dive sequence is as high as theirs were, which is why they missed on all of them.

    While there were obviously a number of great shots from Villarreal & MUFC, there is 0 excuse for 2 experienced and talented goalkeepers to let in 20 out of 21 PKs in the UEL final. Especially when the only save came from a penalty from De Gea, who took it lazily and kept it nearly 5 feet inside the post.

  9. They need ti fine de gea …. that wasthe most stupid and easily readable kick in the history of football

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  11. Box Of Chocolate

    The most well taken penalties you’ll ever going to see that was a joy to watch

  12. This one for the history books. Pks were more exiting then the entire game.

  13. Andrei Estabrooks

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  14. One day de Dea you will be beast soon like Tibo courtious do not be nervous you will win games

  15. 68.2% of the penalties were unimpeachable.

  16. Neuro Philosophers

    De Gea knew he couldn’t do it but also his slow run up and foot position gave away which direction he was going so obviously

  17. It’s like De Gea lost already before he took the penalty. Where’s the hype it’s a final man!

  18. De Gea hasn't save a penalty since 2016, and people put him on the same level as Navas who stopped a penalty from Messi and then on the next French league match saved another. lol ridiculous.

  19. Joan Allenchgfcch

    The ahead war rarely describe because force assembly relax against a cold cause. tense, joyous commission

  20. Sad Kubo won’t get upgraded in fifa

  21. Emmy is better than Arteta 100% because the players that Emmy buy for Arsenal Arteta have sold all of them that way we can perform well

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