Pfizer Requests FDA Emergency Authorization For Covid Vaccine For Kids Under 5

Pfizer has requested emergency use authorization for a two-shot Covid-19 vaccine dose for kids ages 6 months to 5 years as it continues researching whether a third dose provides even more protection.
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Tiêu đề video: Pfizer Requests FDA Emergency Authorization For Covid Vaccine For Kids Under 5

Độ dài: 00:02:10, Ngày đăng: 2022-02-02 08:00:07

Tác giả: NBC News

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  1. Observe
    I sit and watch,
    Stand and listen,
    Wait and debate,
    What’s all at stake,
    The life they under appreciate.
    They allow others to determine their fate.
    It’s too soon to enter those gates.
    We watch the population disintegrate.
    I’ve put my heart of a plate;
    Screaming no please wait,
    People are dying at alarming rates.
    While they scream this is great,
    While picking a side to hate,
    You leave no room for debate,
    You don’t give only take.
    Leave the rest to contemplate,
    Is this a risk I’m willing to take.
    Children’s souls to be ate,
    Don’t do your research to late.
    June 26th,2022 – EBH

  2. Whoever gives this bioweapon to their child is a fool

  3. Get ready for a wave of kindergarten heart attacks.

  4. Reports of Kids’ Mysterious Liver Ailment Expand in U.S.

  5. If a child can get birth control or an abortion without parental consent, then why can't they opt out of their parents stupidity on this one?

  6. Warning! Pfizer data is out and it is so much worst than you ever could expect. 1 out of every 35 people died in the trials, Yes Dead! This is the data that they wanted to hide for 75 years. They had over 42k subjects. People this is the worst crime against humans have ever seen.

  7. the fda panel meeting was online. 8 hrs. experts from around the world. If you watch this as a responsible parent, you must be a nut to subject your kid to this. In addition , Eric Ruben, MD comments are especially worrisome. As Ms Cross above notes, we dont want to be inconvenienced with interrupting our kids' daycare. Nice priorities. Watch the meeting. The second lady reiterates the priority that missing work due to sick kids is just f……g unacceptable.

  8. Vaccines are how the morlocks evolved.

  9. You can't see the data for 75 years….
    Good luck.

  10. They will die by the thousands.

  11. Jenny Adventure2

    Me: I got all 2 shots

    My Dad: "Don't get it, you're gonna grow an ear in the back of your head"

  12. NIH……. We will do a study to see if women who were vaccinated during pregancy have had any. complications. Makes you feel safe huh

  13. Emergency use for the least vunerable. Makes sense

  14. 20 years later: Dad, why I have cancer? What did I do wrong in life?

    Dad: it’s not what you did wrong, it’s what I did wrong 20 years ago.

    And there would be no way to prove the connection.

  15. Native Mind 0311

    I'm convinced that half the nation has Stockholm syndrome and you can tell them the truth about what's going on and they'd deny and protect their abusers.

  16. Native Mind 0311

    new emergencies = more tyranny

  17. what could possibly go wrong?

  18. Pfizer doesn’t care about your little kids it only cares about their billions. Covid vaccines don’t stop you from catching nor spreading COVID. It only promises you won’t die. Vaccines should be aimed at seniors & people with comorbidities. Pfizer & media STOP comparing covid leaky vaccines to small pox & polio vaccines. Like sterilizing vaccines. It’s NOT comparable. Pfizer knows that!! Mainstream media brought to you by Pfizer has one narrative and one cure. No early treatments & let’s vaccine our way out of this 😂 ** interesting Pfizer never sold their COVID vaccines to poor countries like the entire continent of Africa. If everyone should be vaccinated. Hey criminals at Pfizer. You left out an entire continent. Oh that’s right. They’re not rich. – only mandate rich countries who’s pocketbook can afford it and keep the boosters flowing. like shots at your local bar. 😡. BUT hey your own employees aren’t mandated to take your vaccines. Wake up people. Those experimental mRNA vaccines are more dangerous to your little kids than COVID

  19. Patrick Haarhues

    Do we vaccinate kids to other endemic corona cold viruses that kids have almost zero risk to. NO! Nuff said.. Do no harm is guiding principle in medicine.

  20. MUST READ : 'The Real Anthony Fauci' by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

  21. These are not legitimately studied vaccines as compared to other vaccines we've had for years. Vaccines take years to develop. These new ones were rushed. They are toxic for many people.

  22. You people need to stop with this vaccine care for your children don’t vaccinate

  23. Dover One Foxtrot

    Utterly disgusting.

  24. It should be FULLY approved and AUTHORIZED first, so that we can have the RIGHT to SUE PFIZER if anything goes WRONG!

  25. This is getting completely sick. These people better stand trial in the years ahead.

  26. Spoiler alert: There was never anything to vaccinate against.

  27. Im really sad some parents are proud that their childrens got experimented by this vaccine.

  28. Only the most brainwashed parents would allow their infants to get a "vaccine" against a disease they're in no danger of succumbing to.

  29. Pretty sick…125k views only 277 likes…good thing YouTube disabled the dislikes for this corruption 😂

  30. Two parties, one oligarchy

    Turns out Fauci and Biden have been hiding a more powerful vaccine because its not a for-profit vaccine developed by the US Army at Walter Reed and works on all variants.

  31. I am the smartest man Joe knows

    Should NBC be charged with crimes against humanity for intentionally lying to the public about the cancer causing nerve damaging blood clot creating lab rat failed chemical injection??

  32. Winston TheBulldog

    Why can’t I see the dislikes ??

  33. Be sure to get the kids booster when that comes out. Is it not obvious this is not about health?


    And you wonder why people don't trust. If you want a copy I took off site before they took off

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