Pixel 6/6 Pro Review: Almost Incredible!

Finally. A Google flagship. Pixel 6 is the real deal!

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Phone provided by Google for review.


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Tiêu đề video: Pixel 6/6 Pro Review: Almost Incredible!

Độ dài: 00:21:50, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-28 05:17:45

Tác giả: Marques Brownlee

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hvjBi4PKWA


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  1. This is definitely my new phone. I wanted to wait for the S22, but I'm tired of bloat and unreliable hardware.

    I'm a huge photo person, I use my cellphone for photos for business, and I feel like I can tone these image issues out via Lightroom, which I use every time anyway.

    Cool phone, great review. 🤘🏻

  2. MKBHD as usual with the best sample photos. Those are all wallpaper worthy

  3. once in a while it all just clicks even though it might not the best but you want it right away………but once in a while it also happens that the phone is not launching in your country☹🤧

  4. Ah, the intro. thats why it took longer than all the other P6 vids

  5. This man has taken tech reviews to a whole new level. Thank you for your hard work.

  6. Y'all are trying so hard to not give this phone the title of "frontrunner of the moment" lol

  7. 3.5hrs of battery life?!? That's a problem.

  8. Zachary Kew-Denniss

    That battery life is worse than my Fold3

  9. Mkbhd phone reviews are at another level!!!

  10. adingdingdiiing

    If ever Google decides release an update version of an old phone, I hope it's the Pixel 2 XL. With full screen up front, probably a punch hole camera. Fingerprint reader at the back. I just think the panda colored 2 XL is their best looking phone.

  11. Isn't there an option to turn off HDR if you find the pictures too "HDR-y" lol

  12. Wonder if google has done some research what kind of on screen size people like. I prefer smaller phones as many others and I don't understand why they need to make 6.4 and 6.7 at the same time. Pixel 3/3XL, 4/4XL, 5/5a, these are right sized phones for everyone 6/6 pro are not.

  13. POLL: Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 PRO?

  14. All the differences you get for $300 extra.

    Screen: 6.4" -> 6.7"

    Resolution: 1080p -> 1440p

    Refresh Rate: 90hz -> 120hz

    Battery: 4600mAh -> 5000mAh

    5G: Sub-6 only -> Sub-6 + mmWave

    Telephoto Camera: No -> Yes

    UWB: No -> Yes

    RAM: 8GB -> 12GB

  15. The camera AI model will improve over time as more photos will be uploaded the goole photos. The older camera has endless amount of training data. On the other hand, the fingerprint sensor is a problem is all the reviews. While I need a microscope to figure out the differances between the Pixel 6 and the iPhone 13, the fingerprint sensor can really kill this phone if not improved via software updates.

  16. If Google just made a smaller variant of the Pixel 6, preferably a size similar to the iPhone 13 mini or even the Pixel 4a, it would have been my go to Android phone. But no, smartphone makers and the market, unfortunately say that small phones aren’t worth it, which just annoys the hell out of me.

  17. Last time I was this excited about a phone was with the Samsung s 5. Rumour had it it would get a carbon fibre shell, ended up being plastic golf finish.
    Saw a few other Youtubers out with their reviews – pretty excited to hear what Marques would say about the camera system. It just shows how hard it is to calibrate computational photography with hardware.

  18. why so long……after 25 I was checking everyday

  19. Oof I was seriously considering this but Battery might be a killer. Especially compared to the phenomenal battery life of the 13 Pro Max

  20. Apps and features from Android 12 seem to be real benefits of owning this device. For $600, it is not a bad deal. Most shots that are taken will be subpar however, I don't agree with Marques that it does 10/10 in some shots and 7/10 in others. I think the overexposure in auto shots look really bad for a camera in 2021.

  21. No New MacBook Pro reviews? Why?

  22. They're more expensive on carriers because of 5G. I don't think they should be advertised at those low prices.

  23. Battery life is for me the biggest disappointment. I expected more. Surely they can do better than 4 hours SoT with 5000 mAh when Apple can do 8 with a smaller battery. That's embarrassing. I'll still get the 6 Pro, but man. Common Google.

  24. 6:48 mkbhd listens to kanye, jcole and lil nas x confirmed

  25. Pixel 6 Pro definitely kept up with Iphone in PhoneBuff's speed test. I think now that Google is using their own chip they will be able to tweak and get more performance overtime with software updates. As well as improved battery life, I mean iPhone certainly didn't have the best battery life immediately, they made several improvements to get it where it is today. I'm currently looking to get a 6 Pro! Love all the things you point out in your reviews, Marques!

  26. chirag dudheria

    Who have you given to write the captions. Its garbage on this video

  27. Off Topic: Is that an air conditioner I hear in the background or should I look in to buy a new amp/dac?

  28. Sebastián Garín Ortiz

    i hope they sell it in Chile

  29. As long as I can text make a phone call take a picture and use google maps it’s all good no one cares what I’m using .

  30. Every time I watch hie videos, I'm always surprised how good the b-roll is

  31. There were so many average to bad reviews these past days, great to see this one. Kind of gave me what I needed. Now with the oneplus 8t I got a few months ago I should really skip this one, but it's the first phone since like ever that I am excited about.

  32. I feel like the regular 6 is a better deal than the iPhone 13, but the iPhone 13 Pro is a better "deal" than the Pixel 6 Pro.

  33. Marques: iPhone has a better camera system
    Apple: Ooooh. Maybe I'll make it out of the first round this year. 😬

  34. Waiting for the review since 1 week 😂

  35. Got the 6 pro today. Everybody talks about the camera and compare it to the iPhone 13. But first of all I belive the Hardware will Perform better over time after some Updates. And second for everybody who hasn't his 6 / 6 Pro yet = this Software is amazing! Everythings so smooth, everythings fit so well together.. so much new stuff. The adverstised feature works so well. I Love it! (my previous Phone was a S 10+ )

    Over all I bought it immediatley for 2 reasons:

    I got the Bose 700 4free so we talk about a good deal or like 150$ less

    Second is, Google improves their 'Flagships' over time. So Im looking forward to what to come for the next 3+ years

  36. Way too generous with the fingerprint sensor. I had to use all fingerprint slots for my main thumb in different circumstances. Still under sunlight it's complete garbage. Maybe 1/5 times IF I'm lucky.
    The rest of the phone is great, but they really messed up with this fingerprint sensor

  37. The transcription demo was hilarious because it was actually kinda buggy while Marques was saying how amazing it was lol

  38. Elías Latorre Fuertes

    I really don't care about the overprocessing, mainly because there are apps based on this app were you can adjust the amount of HDR you get and I'm very used to them (also I mainly use a p40 lite with pretty shity processing), also I really can't go with iphone, even though both phones give me that experience of turn on and start with no weird steps, something I apreciate, I have apps on android that are much difficult to install on IOS and, sometimes, Android gives me the flexibility that I know apple won't ever give me, for example in terms of reparation of components, I hate the way they are so hermetic to third parties in terms or repairability, making impossible to change an screen without loosing Face ID (real example), forcing you to go to them, also, even though Pixel hasn't got the fastest charge in the world, at least you get better charge that a phone that has 20w (also really good options with much more if Pixel doesn't fit to you), something that even low-end phones are getting better, it doesn't make sense to use a propietary port based on obsolete technologies instead usb-c like they have ironicaly done on ipad's and macs, if you're going to use propietary things, at least do it for something reasonable like magsafe

  39. Android 12 is nuking the battery. My 5a's battery was incredible before the update but since I put 12 on it, I've noticed my battery draining MUCH faster. Hopefully they'll fix it with software updates.

  40. LOL, the new pixel flagship fails due to poor software

  41. Irandi Hernandez

    I have to respectfully disagree. The shots on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and the shots I've seen so far on the 13 Pro Max (in some situations) crank up the HDR effect to 15 out of 10. Some shots look downright BAKED. I do see the Pixel having a similar effect but no where near the way the iPhones do it. The pixel, at least to me, is the more consistent shooter.

  42. can you pleeeease confirm if the video files are 10-bit HDR like iphone, or are they just applying HDRNet to 8bit video? I can't find this info anywhere, or even any sample video files.

  43. 18:58 – The issue you pointed out with selfie camera when it looks horrible but make it better after taking the picture is a huge issue for video calls. When in regular home light (not studio), the selfie camera on Pixel 6 pro struggles and video is horrible.
    I have been using Pixel 3XL for last 3 years and never had that issue. The selfie camera on 3XL outshines 6 Pro.
    There is not a huge difference in images between these 2 Pixel phones, which is a big let down for new 6 Pro. Disappointed in Google

  44. stick lack luster hardware

  45. Magic eraser is there on Samsung since last 2 years 🤭

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