Pixel 6/6 Pro Unboxing & First Look!

Pixel 6 is $599. is $899. This is a hands-on and first look in the boxes!

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Phones provided by Google for review.


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Tiêu đề video: Pixel 6/6 Pro Unboxing & First Look!

Độ dài: 00:08:50, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-20 00:00:47

Tác giả: Marques Brownlee

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roWxo6jWoYw


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  1. 1:34 Remember that phone? I had that phone! Was great til the battery messed up!

  2. This phone is looking like Cyclops from the xmen lol wtf is this shit.

  3. That's two very pretty phones… Pretty ugly

  4. Marques, I think Google's reasoning for eliminating the Wifi on/off toggle switch, in my humble opinion, "wifi" will become obsolete soon. Now I do think they jumped the gun a little. I also think they are pushing Fi hard as well. It makes sense, they are a little too early before mass adoption and availability of 5G everywhere. Now if Fi was not an MVNE based concept or partnership, it would make one think that they have bigger plans than riding Tmo's network.

  5. Before long we will not be getting a box or usb cable

  6. I am getting this phone for my 23rd birthday (which is on the 22nd) or Christmas! I can’t wait!!!

  7. Why have they totally cloned the iPhone unboxing experience? 🤣🤣 also everyone hates on Apple for not including the power brick, until google does it 🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. Pixel 6 in-depth review please

  9. what a ugly phone 🤮

  10. There was a Samsung at some point in this video and you didn’t notice it.

  11. Tahsin The Gamer YT

    My dad got this phone google pixel 6 today, its epic i say

  12. XbenXwilsonX Highlights

    I got the pro 😀👍

  13. Aleksandar Mrdenovic

    No, your full reviews are annoying, why do u need half an hour to review the phone?

  14. 手機設計的非常差 不要購買

  15. One of the big selling features of the pixel 6 for me is the speech to text. I'm using an S9 at the moment so would LOVE to see a comparison of gboard speech to text on the S9 Vs the pixel 6 pro but I get that that's not the best content! However I would like to see a voice to text comparison of some of the current flagships as I hate using the keyboard on my phone as it's such a bottleneck in interacting with it!

  16. I really don't like that my pixel 6 didn't come with a block. Wtf. Lol. Can I use my old S10+ charging block?

  17. What's the deal with Pixel 6 NOT cropping from 50MP/48MP sensor when taking 2x 3x/8x 10xphoto? why is it cropping from the 12mp binned resolution!!!! Is 50MP/48MP sensors not 50MP/48MP but just 12MP???? why is the image resolution so low at these zoom(1.3MP at 3x 0.5MP at 20x)???

  18. Where to find the box dimensions?

  19. im on pixel xl gen 1. Upgrading to pixel 6 pro 512gb

  20. We all see your finger nails. We all can clean that corner on the camera with those.

  21. Can anyone help me if he knows that having a sony a7iii camera with a lens and an stabilizer might change my life and open up a source of income for me to live?

  22. Do you know, what is the file size on the RAW images of the Pixel 6?

  23. Why is it both $599 and £599?? $599 should equal £433…

  24. My Pixel 6 arrived today and I'm so confused with the cable provided. How the heck do I charge my phone with this cable???? Any feedback is appreciated.

  25. Pixel 6 pro is bull shit phone. Not worth at all.

  26. I think most ppl are walking away from iPhone, rightfully so. IPhone are boring

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