Pixel 6 Pro 90 Days Later: Is it time to let go?

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Tiêu đề video: Pixel 6 Pro 90 Days Later: Is it time to let go?

Độ dài: 00:07:17, Ngày đăng: 2022-01-13 04:35:48

Tác giả: Jeff Springer

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6KzDYLeyBk

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  1. No1 will give there phone 5 months before change

  2. They say its better than s21 series from what I'm seeing no

  3. Wow been hearing ppl crap this phone

  4. connectivity issues, dropped calls, low call volume, delayed texts. cant use it as a phone unless im in the right spot. . I want it to work. If they dont figure this stuff out soon its going to have to go back. sad. other than that its great, lol.

  5. Leg!0N Izn0goud

    Wow man lucky u… I ve been using honor play for the past 4 years and u intend to change pixel 6 pro just after 90 days of use

  6. Hate the glare on the 6 Pro, you can see it throughout your video especially on the edges of the curved screen. Surprised this isn't highlighted by reviewers much.

  7. Why pay extra for a 5G phone if you have to use 4GLTE? Doesn't make sense to me. Seems like the 3a XL or 4XL would be a better option.

  8. Got my pixel 6 Pro yesterday little late but got it in the end lol so far so good but only time will tell how good it really is 😅

  9. like every tech youtuber had been using their sim on pixel 6/6pro. Trying to cash in on this topic becoz its trending on twitter rightnow.

  10. I miss my pixel 4a 5g. Have a s21+ and used to own samsungs up until my pixel last year. Why do i miss a budget phone so much??

  11. I had my p6 pro on December Software state and it worked just fine. Battery was great. The only issue I had was with the camera ui that got stuttery from time to time. The solution to this was clearing the cache when it happened. Apart from that. Worked like a charm and then some.

  12. got the update but still hasn't fixed the constant disconnects from Android Auto – swapped different cables so that's not it… and yet it charges so guessing is software related or my usb-c port is junk? am thinking of getting rid of it too…

  13. Just BE PATIENT JESUS GUYS APPLE AIN’T EVER DO THINGS RIGHT they can now change things with the tensor just wait

  14. I got my pixel 6 on Friday.. the issues I have been having are i.e., overheating pretty easily and sometimes for no reason, on some rare occasions the network connection gets lost for few minutes, I can't figure out how to activate assistant voice typing, call screen feature is not active at the moment…

    Those are the main ones.. but the overheating thing got me more worried.. it's a new phone and I don't even play games.. it really should not overheat in the slightest.

    If it cost 599 i would not have cared, but in my country Google has no official store or retailer, so I had to buy it for close to 900 dollars..
    Do I regret my purchase? I sometimes feel I should have bought the s21 ultra instead. Pixel 6 is perfectly usable but for the price it cost it's not worth it at all.. I feel sorry for anyone who bought the pixel 6 Pro in my country because that cost 1450$ minimum..

  15. The "youtuber" is being all nitpicky. Literally everything he stated hasnt been an issue really for most users. And if so they are letting the little things in life bug them too much. I absolutely love my 6P. Yes the fingerprint sensor is annoying at times but thats pretty much it besides my bad camera module. Every phone has had its share of problems and bugs on launch. They will be ironed out. And the Jan update has done wonders so far to mine as well. Definitely improved and it will just keep getting that way. It was new software on a new phone platform. Of course there will be bugs. But I would still recommend this for sure.

  16. I bought the Pixel 6 before Thanksgiving. With all of the bugs cropping up, the hit or miss fingerprint reader, the lackluster speakers and most of all the shitty selfie camera….I decided I wanted to take it back. Spending 700 bucks on a phone is a lot for me….however…I missed the return window and because I am on the prepaid plan they said there is nothing they can do for me even though I have the purchase receipt and there are no scratches or anything on the phone. I am now stuck with this heavy phone. So disappointed guys 🙁

  17. Darth Hispanicus

    It’s a great phone I have both the pixel 6 and Pro and I am downloading the Jan update right now. I am in US on AT&T. I am coming from the Nov 15 android 12 and had no issues so I guess I have been lucky 🍀

  18. One question in case of main camera for nature, city pictures and night mode is the pixel 6 pro better than the mi 11 ultra and the s21 ultra ?

  19. They just release the update yesterday lol. I was fortunate that I purchased the phone and got it for free plus I got it when they released the update.

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