Pixel 6 Pro Real-World Test (Camera Comparison, Battery Test, & Vlog)

Google just launched the Pixel 6 Pro and for the first time in years gave a Pixel a brand new camera system. So, I took it out for a day to test how the does against other flagship phones (like the iPhone 13 Pro, S21 Ultra, and its predecessor, the Pixel 5) to see how it holds up as well as to a battery test to see how the lasts over the course of a challenging day out.

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Tiêu đề video: Pixel 6 Pro Real-World Test (Camera Comparison, Battery Test, & Vlog)

Độ dài: 00:22:29, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-28 21:00:11

Tác giả: TheUnlockr

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__F1jAcCLFo


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  1. Apologizes for the typo of iPixel 6 Pro, it's the Pixel 6 Pro. 5 VERY LONG DAYS OF MAKING THIS VIDEO 😴

  2. 13:29 Are these night shots from the Pixel 6 Pro? Seems too clean.

  3. Johan Tiefenbach

    That leather jacket is your style my friend. And I saw the video too. It isn't just about the jacket😆. Awesome as always. The most unique style you can get on this platform.

  4. Great review and you're around the corner from me. I live in Ossining and I love this entire area. You could take plenty of great pictures all around here

  5. Pixels are legends in night

  6. Glenarvon Armstrong

    love all your videos from Adelaide South Australia. your format of taking us on a look around NYC and surrounding areas is awesome and I love it. I love my pixel 6 pro also more content on this phone would be awesome

  7. Holy cow! I just ran across this video. Genius showing us how this phone will work for us in the real world AND I saw places that I never knew existed. I’m subscribed and now a devoted fan !!!

  8. Soare Michele David

    Best video = iphone 13 pro , best photos = pixel 6 pro , best audio = iphone 13 pro , best display = samsung 21 ultra

  9. I just discovered you and wow! Part tech review, part travel vlog, part history lesson. Very nice!

  10. Zain Farhan Mohsin

    Confused between Pixel 6 Pro and S22 Ultra. Priority is camera experience.

  11. Andrew Kalaydjian

    Great style of review. It's like watching a real journalist, a documentary maybe. Very Mr Mobile-esc but in your own style. Love it.

  12. 17:40 Bluetooth was on for 10hrs ?


    Every time he says "Morning" I said it back even though it could be night time.

  14. the buggiest phone has the best camera

  15. Love the real world camera tests!

  16. Bought phone because of this review. Thanks, handsome scruff guy. 😍

  17. Tip for young players use the double tap to bring down your notifications and you've got the functionality of the pixel 5 fingerprints sensor back in your hands

  18. Georgie-Ann Barclay

    I’m upgrading from the iPhone 11,
    It’ll be my last upgrade for a while bc I’m moving out. So I’m biting the bullet and going for the pro version with the 256memory. My upgrade is in March but depending what Samsung do with their prices for S22 that’s what I’m going for!!


    You travelling to Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow makes me wanna visit just for the history and scenery! 🧡

  20. Superb/informative review. Ive had my pixel 6 pro here in the UK for a few weeks now. I think it's great but not a huge leap from my brilliant Huawei P30 PRO which I find still matches the very best in photography.

  21. You the best reviewer. A bunch of little stories…

  22. I'll be exchanging the iPhone 13 for this one

  23. Your inclusion of the S21 Ultra is a great help to me as I would use the S21 Ultra as a yardstick for this class of phone. Assuming that no PP was done to all your images, I actually prefer the 6 Pro images as the shadows seem to be brighter than the others. I always put more light in the shadows in PP in order to bring out the detail in the shadow. I've ordered the 6 Pro because it's time to give myself a treat as my current phone is nearly 10 years old! No doubt the 6 Pro will be a technical shock to me when I use it. Especially the photography side it it.

  24. I can't decide between 6 Pro and S21 Ultra for my vlogs and photos. Such a tough decision I have 3 weeks left on my current plan.

  25. Pixel pro 6 can't connect to wifi

  26. S21 ultra and Pixel 5 pics look amazing !!! However 4x zoom on S21 ultra and Pixel 6 is amazing

  27. Video is still a lil chompy when the subject is still and the camera is moving

  28. Rounded sides, chrome, glass on the back. I wish they would eliminate all that and just make a good phone. All that crap does nothing to enhance it, the Glass back makes it slippery, something I don't want a $1000 phone to be, the chrome make stuff look old school (i.m.o) and that is the first thing to dull and start to look bad. And it's all for not because most phones are so badly designed that you need to place them in an additional case so all that extra stuff is hidden away anyway. I have not seen my real phone more than 3 or 4 times, since I bought it 2 years ago. I just bought the 6 pro, and I ordered a case that will be here before the phone arrives. And all the 'pretty' I had to pay for, will be hidden until I get my next phone.

  29. I've never owned a Google pixel before and I got the Google pixel 6. Almost everything is a huge step forward from galaxy note 9! The only issue I have, is actually a terrible one. The selfie camera is really bad in almost every lighting condition. I really hope this is fixed, because other than that, it's a fantastic phone!

  30. I MUCH appreciate the specific detail on the sensor and pixel sizes for this phone, comparing to previous models and to other brands. I CRINGE at all the talk about megapixels, as if that were the main determinant of image quality. As any knowledgeable photographer knows sensor and photosite SIZE is far more important, esp at this end of the market.

    The conversational approach with local detail was low-key and interesting too–great work.

  31. David Awesome Video truly catch so much. I know this was much work.Appreciate all the hard work.Nicely done.Deb ✌️

  32. Hi David, can you please advise me? I'm going to be buying a Galaxy watch 4 soon, and will be using it with the Pixel 6. I'm a bit confused over which app I need to connect the 2 together. Is it Wear OS? Or Galaxy Wearable? Thank you.

  33. Thank you for this. Sold my iPhone 12 in September and saving up to get this.


    Available portrait mode videos shooting??

  35. A refreshing review that combines a great mix of a review and places of interest. I got the Pixel 6 Pro in stormy black and on the whole its been great. I picked up two issues though which I hope are resolved with updates – it struggles with LED lighting at night (odd flickering with black banding) and the speed of the finger print sensor.

  36. Thanks from the UK 🇬🇧🙂
    I changed from 12 Pro Max to Pixel 6 Pro, no regrets, I'm loving my 6 Pro, everything from amazing camera, better signal strength, works where my iPhone wouldn't, well pleased. Only thing I'd say is this, glass screen protectors stop the fingerprint scanner working most of the time, even after re scanning fingerprint. I put a slide on, re set fingerprints and no such problem anymore, far better than tempered glass in my opinion. I also have the Garmin Venu 2S watch which works great with the 6 Pro, (Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 didn't, sent it back)! Cheers… 👍🏻

  37. Baron of Grey Matter

    Samsung made the tensor chip btw

  38. I'm not even looking at buying a phone I just like his tours around the town.

  39. Amazing content ! What are your views on the Pixel 6 ?

  40. You and Mr. Mobile are my favorite YouTubers. Keep up the good work!

    Aaaaand….now I want to travel to this town on Halloween time 🥰

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