Roman Abramovich & Chelsea SANCTIONED! Chelsea in DANGER!

BREAKING: Roman Abramovich sanctioned by UK government

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Tiêu đề video: Roman Abramovich & Chelsea SANCTIONED! Chelsea in DANGER!

Độ dài: 01:13:42, Ngày đăng: 2022-03-10 18:01:47

Tác giả: The Football Terrace

Link gốc:

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  1. The government's decision to sanction Abramovich is illegal, and an act of theft by the West on Russians. If the justification for this is about the war in Ukraine, then what about the killing of the Russian speaking Ukrainians in the Donbass over 8 years?. This is a nonsense, a false moral outrage by the West, by the way the Ukrainian regime that they are defending is a Nazi controlled one, this is conveniently committed in the West. Should anyone doubt this, just check google the Azov battalion that is part of the Ukrainian supported by the West that is Nazi to the core.

  2. How is this going to stop the war in Ukraine? In fact: How sanctioning Russia will stop the that war? Anyone, please?

  3. If Chelsea is done I am done also there is no other club in the world I love like Chelsea so if Chelsea gone then that's football for me time for getting to love something different.

  4. Putin's oligarch friends are gonna be so disappointed in him

  5. Chelsea Australia

    I would call on all Chelsea fans that are using 3 for there phone provider please go and change that and don’t support them as they pull the plug 🔌 on us we should pull the plug on them if your a Chelsea fan consider this please 🙏

  6. 58:00 Sanctions on Roman is not going to hurt Roman, it will not pressure Putin either. Any smart businessman (aka shady) will know how to protect their valuable assets and squirrel them away in offshore accounts, especially those who have made their money in shady businesses, they have underground connections.
    This is just a political PR stunt by UK govt.

  7. on top of "Man Utd: The Soap Opera", we have "Chelski: The Horror Show"

  8. 34:00 Why Russian's sanctioned? Because it's just a 11th/12th ranking GDP economy. Sanctions only done by higher ranked country imposing restrictions on lower ranked countries, much like football hierarchy, isn't it?
    US won't be sanctioned because it sits on top of the pyramid and affects whoever wants to sanction against US.

  9. 17:55 is it fair? Is it fair for a Ferrari to race with a golf buggy? Mixing sports with politics is already wrong. To allow some clubs to have distinct advantage over other clubs is already against the fairness of competition where all competitors start off at the same start point.
    All clubs should have a finance cap, players salary cap, the best club is the one that is able to juggle finances and perform the best, it should be the American model + German model.

  10. Tuchel will be asked at press conference and he'll be mad again

  11. It’s ok lampard to the rescue

  12. This was horrible to watch. In Ukraine there are litterly 2.3 refugees, thousands of civilans dying, children , man and woman in a totaly unprovoked unjustified war and the UK goverment get critizised. This is the only logical step and has nothing to do with anti Russia, wake up guys. Als pls dont compare this to Plaestine or ISIS or Iraq conflict.

  13. As a Liverpool fan I stand with Chelsea this is BS

  14. it's all dirty money, never mind the worlds against you, the world is not against you they are against PUTIN and his Oligarchs….. it's all stolen money FACT………..

  15. theres a saying GOD USES it, what go's around comes around……… Putin and his Oligarchs have not and will not get away with what they have don'e, they have stolen all there wealth off the Russian People…….FACT…….

  16. He's close to putin, putin made him into a Oligarch, and if you don't believe me, there's a documentary on You tUbe, about Putins palace in Crimea, ansd Putin made the Oligarchs Pay for it, he's donation was £287 million, and Putin told him i made you what you are, if you don't pay i'll break you, so he paid……..the palace cost £3 billion……

  17. Goodbye Chelsea. Financed by a war criminal's mate. The fans = white supremacists.
    The stench of this club is overwhelming.

  18. There's always a price to pay when you make a deal with the devil , most people don't understand where Roman actually gained his wealth , literally from stealing money from poor Russian people

  19. Pray for the Rivals 😂😂😂

  20. What a day for the Government to choose sanction Chelsea and Roman, the day that Chelsea were first founded back in 1905, basically their birthday present. Happy Birthday Chelsea, LOL. I think the reason why they are sanctioning Chelsea is because Roman hasn't specifically said who will really be benefit of the sale, as he says "benefit of the war victims of the war" but with that, it doesn't just mean the Ukrainians, it also means the Russians and also the company/trust fund will still be in charge of Roman that gets the money and will distribute it, at least with the Government now in charge, the money from the sale if the freeze lessens is now in charge of them, they can set up a trust fund themselves and it will benefit Ukraine, not Russia.

  21. Chelsea founded 10 March 1905, Chelski RIP 10 March 2022. Can’t write it 🤣🤣

  22. You make deals with the devil and one day he will come to collect

  23. The UK government sanctions are making it even more difficult for Roman Abramovich to even hire lawyers to protest the claims made about him. How's that considered fair justice? One cannot even hire a lawyer forget about hiring the best lawyers. You might as well just say you're guilty without any defence. They are making it extremely difficult for Roman Abramovich to have a fair due process.

  24. The premier league playing lying politics about Russia is more amazing because it shows how Britain is not reliable to invest anything. I’m Venezuelan and we got stolen 32 tonnes of gold and 400K “collateral” deaths as consequence of USA-UK-EU sanctions when we need it most but they now talking about the Russians. Ukrainian army since 2008 have filled up at least 16 mass graves and have killed 13K-40K ethnic Russians but the psychopaths we have running the country is telling a different story to their people but the world knows all this information and it’s easy to find even documentaries by French journos:
    Serious criminal morons!!!

    TRULY UNBELIEVABLE STUFF!!! : Chelsea fans should protest or pay the bills at home, simple it’s nasty political game this psychopaths understand, the talk of nuclear is as positive and thinking of people they can afford to understand !!!

    Forget Yemen and Newcastle, it’s not happening if we don’t we don’t look that way some people say!!!

    Forget what it means to Chelsea and think of the nukes to us at least.

  25. Chelsea fans basically saying the current war in Ukraine isn’t really happening. Wake up people, this is real life. Chelsea club is a Roman asset, so the government have every right to freeze the club. Last thing we want to hear is the funds from the sale used to sanction the war. Time to be Human about this and understand the war is real. Chelsea could be the next Glasgow rangers.

  26. It a well known fact that China and Russia are enemies of Britain and America why are people acting suprised by China cutting of from the premier league

  27. West Ham get battered in Spain and the chavs get seized , what a day..

  28. You know when the US is moving mad in Africa, no bans, the Saudi’s moving bad nothing, Russian everyone is sanctioned

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