Soyeon “Our date began at 7a.m.”[Happy Together/2019.05.02]

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Ep.585 |
– Showtime : Thurs 23:00 (Seoul, UTC+9)

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Tiêu đề video: Soyeon “Our date began at 7a.m.”[Happy Together/2019.05.02]
Độ dài: 00:09:29, Ngày đăng: 2019-05-03 08:37:41


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  1. it's funny when international fans felt amazed with her different characters in penthouse with her real life….they should watch soo yeon more, she's versatile actress, she even debuted with villain character in All About Eve 20 yrs ago n won the best actress….after watching that drama she became my favorite all these yrs…lol we almost at the same age but she looks younger n still beautiful 😅

  2. when the host said "you can't lose to her Yoonhee" literally kim so yeon was really meant for Penthouse🤣🤣

  3. They are all very cute! 🤗 It is a blessing for the society to have this kinds of family/couple, who love and care each other very much!

  4. She is very2 cute in real life. I can see she is very2 shy but so lovely and happening

  5. She's one of the best actresses in Korea for me..I think she can always portray a role given to her 1001%.❤️❤️❤️

  6. Ruthi Lalhlimpui

    She is Totally Different from Cheon Soe Jin😂😂, Thats how you can Know Penthouse kdrama Actors are a Pro😁

  7. I'm really scared of Cheon Seojin when she laugh🤣

  8. She so cute seriously.. kind and polite.. I thing I fall for her now.. 😍

  9. She is so cute innocent kind and doesn't want to burden others and wants to make it fun for others I stan

  10. Andrea Gonzales

    “You can't lose to her Yoonhee"

  11. she really perfect in real life <3 Kim So Yeon is best actress

  12. They are soo in love. I envy them soo much

  13. Not sure why people think she is pretty which I don't understand. Look at her face. There nothing that is original. Her face is covered with artificial plastic surgeries.

  14. Am I the only one who sees a slight resemblance of Sunghoon (enhypen) in Seo jin's husband? 🤔

  15. I like her so much. Her personality and aura, very authentic.

  16. she is such an amazing actress like the fact that her real personality is the exact opposite of Cheon Seo Jin

  17. Who came here after penthouse 🤚🤚

  18. Oh my god…so her husband was the REPORTER in penthouse…wowww…I didn't even knew that 👁️👁️

  19. They are my favorite couple

  20. MusicIsMySeoul Fadilah

    She's the real definition of duality.

  21. Sad that Mc got divorced recently.

  22. they're literally the most attractive ppl ever, they're also both softies uwuuuu

  23. 😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤

  24. My first drama of her is All about Eve (Ho Young Mi). I’m so happy that she’s happily married and doing very well in Penthouse 👏 she seems like a humble person. 👏

  25. She is very polite.. Sweet… Cute… 🥰😘

  26. Denise Lebrilla

    Yoonhe and Dong gun got divorced

  27. Honey Lee Tisoy

    Soyeon, how should I describe her like she is so genuine and a down to earth person. I love her and she is really a great actress.

  28. She really looks like song hye kyo.

  29. Her personality is soo different from any actress personality, she is mature but also sweet and kind like innocent 15 years old, I could be ger child though.

  30. I wanna have a relationship like theirs

  31. Funnily enough, people may see them as this shy and reserved couple due to their outward appearance, not as this adorkable couple 😂

  32. sabrinabatrisyia

    omgggg the mc's husband is the one who act in angel last mission !!!!

  33. Stan GG 4 better Life

    I fall in love with Kim so yeon. She so nice and cute. Her reaction is lovely. I can't describe how kind she is but she always said sorry 😍😍😍. I want to watch she and her husband reality show. They so sweet.

  34. Im still surprise they are married

  35. It’s so funny Eugene’s husband and soyeon’s husband have similar face. I thought it was same person. Rt now both of them play together in penthouse😂😂

  36. the way rowoon said he cld do those dates at 7am and then changed his mind when they said it was everyday AHHAHAh his reaction

  37. Sarah Grace Molintas

    If she can convince everyone that she’s evil with the role she plays in Penthouse, but is actually this adorkable woman in real life, then she really is a good actress.


    Loved her acting. Congratulations to the beautiful couples. You are so sweet 😁👍💕

  39. Ohhhh Her husband came as cameo in penthouse drama i was like where did i saw him

  40. What does she mean "ladies from my time werent allowed to express affection freely"? What happened?

  41. I know So yeon when i watched Kdrama Named ( IRIS ) with kim tae hee.. before that i just watching drama with kim tae hee but in IRIS i saw Her ( so Yeon) and i falling in love with her charisma. Thats why im watching Penthouse series.. i know she Will do a good job on act, thats Make me HATE her on PENTHOUSE but still in love with her😂pro acting !!!

  42. So cute… nice her attitude character in penthouse so different . cheon so jin saranghe….

  43. Kim So Yeon character is really different from the Penthouse

  44. 8:31 Must have been hard to keep a happy facade when the marriage was not going well.

  45. dan akhirnya yoonhee cerai tahun lalu…

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