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吃法一抓一大把,浸润夏天的沁凉果味——百香果the passion fruit |Liziqi channel

Liziqi channel——passion fruit 还记得去年我种的百香果吗?就是那个别人4月开花它10月才开,果子才鸡蛋大就被霜打掉的那个磨人精!所以去年深秋就连根带泥挖进盆放温室里人工升温。今年气温过20度才挪出来连盆埋地里搭上架,等天凉又得搬回去。真的当小祖宗一样护着今年才算勉强正常挂果!第一次吃到藤上自然熟的百香果!也是不容易~ Remember the passion fruits I grew last year? Others’ flower in April whereas mine in October. And the egg-size fruits were nipped by frost. Alas! I learned a lesson then, and brought them inside in a pot in late autumn. Dug out and put back on …

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