U.S. Surgeon General Explains Possible Pfizer Vaccine Approval For Children Under Five

U.S. Dr. Vivek Murthy explains the breaking news that a for children could be ready by the end of February, and why parents can rest assured that the vaccine will be safe for their children if it is approved.
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Tiêu đề video: U.S. Surgeon General Explains Possible Pfizer Vaccine Approval For Children Under Five

Độ dài: 00:07:29, Ngày đăng: 2022-02-02 10:30:06

Tác giả: MSNBC

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIxWkwTuMR4

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  1. If you get it in the arm and it goes haywire, you're effed.

  2. Fully vaccinated Surgeon General Vivek Murthy revealed Friday that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

  3. Same guy that told us the virus STOPs when it meets the vaccinated. Yeah, how’s that working out?

  4. Good luck with that hahahahahahahaha

  5. Approve what ever you like: MY CHILDREN WILL NEVER TOUCH A COVID NEEDLE!

  6. These new vaccines are not to be compared to the older legitimate established vaccines. Vaccines take a good 5-15 years to develop so as to avoid any possible severe side effects like myocarditis, pericarditis, and neurological disorders. These new ones were rushed and not studied for the appropriate amount of time. They are proving toxic for many people.

  7. There you go parents, y’all better start fighting against this or they are going to start vaccinating your children WITHOUT your consent, just watch, there needs to be something done I’m telling you before it’s too late.

  8. addicted to minis and loving it

    When did our sadomasochistic relationship involving vaccines become pedophilia?

    Follow the money and you'll know why. There is no ethical reason for this vaccine being given to anyone under the age of 18.

  9. More children drown EVERY year than die from Covid. If your child is not sickly, you should spend more time taking them to swimming lessons and educating them about water safety.

  10. This surgeon general talks like a robot. He’s annoying, and probably is going to push for unethical vaccine. Josef Mengele 2.0

  11. Children age 5 & under should be given the omicron vaccine ASAP as it would be the most effective & efficient for them to build up the immunity they needed safely which should have been much faster than the 2 to 3 shots-series, isn't it? When will omicron vaccine safety data for children under age 5 be available to be submitted to FDA please? Why implement this delay to fail your company?

  12. poor babies being poisoned

  13. Pfizer (still) holds the world record for largest criminal fine payout in history, $3 billion for bribing physicians and unscrupulous marketing of their drugs and who are deemed a “habitual offender” by the FDA.

  14. Google pulls my link down but please go to rumble and listen to – On Jan 24, 2022 , Senator Ron Johnson held a "Covid-19 Second Opinion" hearing where attorney Tom Renz announced that three military whistleblowers gave him permission to make their names public

  15. I am waiting for the suppository version to be inserted every night for a daily protection by Rexona

  16. They HIDE thousands of Americans who contracted full blown side effects from those FAKE vaccines! And they are still telling the public that those FAKE vaccines are safe.

  17. These DOGS are straight-faced liars! Continue not to believe these clowns: it's the best safety net for you and your family.

  18. Parents are not jumping for joy to vaccinate their children — the vaccinate rate has dropped dramatically WORLD WIDE, and this bum knows it! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  19. I will never, ever allow my children to get a covid vaccine shot nor a flu vaccine shot

  20. MORE DISLIKES THAN LIKES…👎🏻👎👎🏽👎🏾👎 🖕🏽

  21. They want to vaccinate you "till death do you part." 😖

  22. Oppressed Speaker of truth

    Why would you listen to Gupta after Joe Rogan exposed him and cnn? You deserve what happens to you at this point.

  23. go JR we luv ya! keep on keepin on!

  24. The official U.S government website ‘Clinical Trials.Gov’ states that the ‘phase 3’ clinical trial completion dates for each vaccine are as below.

    Moderna: October 27, 2022

    Janssen (Johnson & Johnson): January 2, 2023

    AstraZeneca: February 14, 2023

    Pfizer: May 2, 2023

    The ‘phase 4’ clinical trial which is the final study regarding the long term side effects will be completed in December 31, 2024

    (S.earch by the offical ‘website name’ + each vaccine’s ‘brand name’)

  25. No offense, but WHY, is this the ONLY Segment i can find from your Show last night?! I wanted to say, that we are on a COLLISION Course, with FASCISM here! drumpf & the repug Party – PSYCHOS – have declared a WAR on BLACK WOMEN! on top of that, they are legislating ignorance & hate in state after state after … with the mere stroke of the PEN!

    Two Suggestions: 1) Biden must NOT succumb to any POLLS/ PRESSURES to back away from a Black Woman for SCOTUS, or this white woman will never vote for him again, short of for Trash Collector!! Stick 2 your Guns Joe, or you'll just go down as yet another in a looooong list of Democratic Demagogues, who made promises to get elected, & then dropped the Ball, BIG TIME! We must ALL insist he keep THIS Promise, as so far, he hasn't kept all that many ….

    2) We need to stand behind our TEACHERS!! All throughout Covid, they have been forced on the Frontlines of dealing with Mask&Vaccine -mandates, and risking their own Health time & again. And with how to keep teaching their students without them in the Classrooms – suffice, they have been up against soooooo much and have been such TROOPERS thru it all! NOW, they want to put BOUNTIES on those who might say a wrong "word" even! WE should plan a DAY of PROTEST/ WALKOUTs, ALL over the COUNTRY! – they must be allowed to TEACH HISTORY! and with the Books they have been using and no more BOOK BANS, regardless the subjects they've already been teaching with, etc. Let's do it, PLAN a ONE DAY Country wide Walk Out, even in States & Cities that have NOT yet resorted to such fascistic tactics, but to also keep from there being even MORE?!! They have been the Back Bones of our Lives and our Learning – TIME we have THEIRS!!


    And i apologize if this Presentation comes off a bit sloppy, it is past my bed time.

  26. It appears this is crimes against children.

  27. Maybe he should coerce more companies to censor free speech all in the name of “misinformation”, that wouldn’t be authoritarian at all.

  28. Peggy Sheerin-hamill

    whos proffiting? Hmmmmm


    America is only 63% (209M of 333M) vaccinated.

    New Zealand is 94% (4.7M out of 5M) vaccinated.

    Covid deaths US 913,900 vs China 4,636 vs New Zealand 53.

  30. China had 3 cases of Covid and shut down a city of 14 million. America had 1 case and turned it into 1.4 million per day.

    Covid deaths US 913,900 vs China 4,636 vs New Zealand 53. Remember when Trump said it would just go away.

    US parents protest at school meetings about? A: 186 school shootings in 10 years B: Masks.

    The USA, where you used to be able to own people but now suddenly wearing a mask is having your freedom taken away. H.Franklin

  31. He must be so happy…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$……….Bill Gates and Pfizer are going to save us all!!! yaaaaaaaaa.

  32. What about the children in Africa?

  33. Shouldn’t this clown be sulking in his bedroom corner because joe rogan is attracting more of an audience than MSNBC and CNN combined?

  34. For misinformation just look at most of the comments. Are people getting paid for spreading total falsehoods and lies, or do they get enough satisfaction from watching the number of covid deaths rising closer and closer to 1 million?

  35. I would let everyone drop dead of Rona than risk an experimental shot for even my dog 🤣 . I care about her health over a strangers wtf. How could people not feel more passionate than me with a child .

  36. Pfizer…it's pfor pfucking up your pfuture

  37. No clot shots in my life ever!!

  38. Joy Reid's salary is paid by Pfizer.

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